1. the new place

Hey I'm Peyton. I just moved to Australia with my best friend and her mom to get away from my abusive parents. I play the bass and I can play the drums. I have long black hair with blonde tips. I'm the kinda girl that only has a couple of friends and doesn't like people. I don't eat a lot.

I woke up to my alarm going off. I turned it off and got up. I walked I to my walk in closet and choose some cloths. I went into my private bathroom and took a shower. When I was done I brushed my hair/teeth. I went into my room and put on my clothes. I was wearing ripped up black skinnies, a black crop top, and a red/black plaid shirt. Today was my first day of school. I went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for Jessie."Jess are u ready yet!" I yelled. She came running down the stairs.

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