Run till your feet bleed

My name's Mary-Lee, but now everyone calls me Lee. It was ten days ago when it spread. No one knows what "It" is exactly and now no one can find out.
I was with my little sister when the first adults turned into "Zombies" or whatever you want to call them. I know who did it but I don't know where he is. My sister was bitten, this means we have to worry about more than just surviving, is that even an option if she turns into one of them. Now this is the part where I tell you it's okay, that this isn't real or that everyone survives. I wish I could. But my mum told me never to lie.


1. Them

We lived in Aberdeen,Scotland. We knew the place like our house but after the change, the death and destruction, all the vandalism, we couldn't even recognise our home. Windows smashed, cars burnt and the new edition... people torn apart. See I call them the "Mum's and Dad's" because that's what they are. Only it's not for children, they're the Mum's of Death and the Dad's of Horror. At this stage the Mum's and Dad's were new, had just found the taste for blood. Always wanting more. That's why you'd find a child with a chewed up face and no arms or legs just lying on the road. Now they're careful. They hunt you down like prey. Who said Zombies were dumb? Well they got clever, they evolved. At that time there were decaying bodies that had been mauled, just lying on the street. I was carrying Alice when I saw the first person who wasn't dying, pleading for help, or eating people, since the party. I would have been happy but I had my sister to think about. She had stopped talking an hour before. When we saw each other we both halted, checking for signs of the disease or whatever you want to call it. We knew you had to be over 17 to get the disease but that didn't matter. Fear kept you alive. 

The person was a boy, about a year older than me, so he would be 16. He seemed quite ugly with all the sweat, tears, and blood all over his face, not like that mattered anymore. I could see the grief in his eyes. He had lost someone. We all had. We started walking towards each other, we just wanted some human contact, to hear someone's voice apart from the dying and your own. We stopped 5 metres away from each other. It was like a film, same movements, all dramatic. God, I miss movies. "Hel-" I started but i had to clear my throat out, it had been so long since I had spoken. I tried again, "Uh sorry, hi." I would've kicked myself for being so lame but things like I said it just didn't matter anymore. "Hey, do you need help carrying your sister?" he asked. His voice was smooth, it reminded me of silk. I was starting to feel tired but in this new world you can't show weakness. "No, I'm fine. Do you need help carrying your..uh..." I messed up. No one had anything left, I was lucky to still have my sister. He didn't even have a photo, lots of houses were robbed during 10 days maybe there was nothing left, or he couldn't face the pain. "Please, let me help you. I need to feel normal," he said with tears in his eyes. I knew how it felt, just carrying someone felt normal in this new terrifying place, even is she was bitten. I walked towards him and handed my sister over. I just felt like I could trust him. We started walking, we didn't know where we were going but we kept on walking. It was when we turned into the main shopping street of Aberdeen, Union Street. It was then we saw Them.

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