Run till your feet bleed

My name's Mary-Lee, but now everyone calls me Lee. It was ten days ago when it spread. No one knows what "It" is exactly and now no one can find out.
I was with my little sister when the first adults turned into "Zombies" or whatever you want to call them. I know who did it but I don't know where he is. My sister was bitten, this means we have to worry about more than just surviving, is that even an option if she turns into one of them. Now this is the part where I tell you it's okay, that this isn't real or that everyone survives. I wish I could. But my mum told me never to lie.


5. Taken

  The door collapsed and Mum´s and Dad´s poured into the flat. "Run!" Josh shouted. It was time to leave. Josh lifted Alice onto the balcony. Josh was next out, just as I was about to go out I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Oh god, this is how I die. I turned around and grabbed my glock and started pumping bullets out as I ran to the balcony, there was tons of them and one made a move for me. I smacked the butt of my gun on its head, I wasn´t eve looking as it crumpled to the floor, and died. I let out one more squeeze of the trigger then stepped onto the balcony and shut the door, as far as I could tell they couldn´t open doors. I balanced myself on the railing of the balcony careful not to look down. We were 12 floors up and if I looked down I´d fall and die for sure. I made the metre jump onto the next balcony and saw Josh holding Alice looking terrified. I knew exactly how he felt . I turned to the glass screen windows and kicked them in with my Mum´s army boots that I had taken. Glass shattered everywhere and we stepped in. An ice cold silence filled the room, and darkness surrounded us. I pulled my gun out again and aimed it everywhere as I heard a noise. Suddenly I was tackled by a heavy weight and saw Josh being hit over the head and Alice disappear. I screamed her name right before the darkness took me.




I woke up in darkness and smelt smoke. I know what your thinking, ´How did you know you were awake if all you saw was darkness?´ Well, at first I thought I was dreaming, then I moaned and someone crushed my fingers under their boots. I screamed in pain and my eyes flew open, still, all I saw was darkness. Suddenly lights turned on, blinding me. Beside me was a buff, dark skinned girl with short hair wearing a tight vest that showed her toned abs and large breasts. She looked at me with disgust, so I turned my eyes to the other person in the room. He was breathtakingly beautiful. He had dark brown hair and chocolate eyes framed by long eyelashes. He was also wearing a black tank top and black combat trousers with army boots similar to my Mum´s. He was leaning against a dresser smoking a cigarette, he was staring at the ceiling. Eventually he finished his cigarette, he crushed it under his foot and lowered his gaze to me. He sauntered over to me and grabbed me by my hair. "ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?!" He shouted in me ear. I shook my head and screamed, "NO!" I was suddenly let go and smacked the cold, wooden floor with my knees. He stuck out his hand cheerfully and said, "In that case, Hello! My name is Jay and I now own you! You are officially mine" He stuck out his hand but I slapped it away and growled, "I am nobody´s property." I stood up but Shezilla grabbed me from behind and smashed my face off the floor. I gasped as blood poured from my nose down my face. She pulled me by my hair and snarled in my face, "You´re his property, bitch. If he wasn´t here it would be ten times worse!" Then she threw me to the floor. Josh chuckled and shooed Shezilla away like a dog, she nodded and stood in a corner. "I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, My name is Jay, and is this new world there are no rules. So I have chosen to own, so now I do." He started to reach down to his zipper, "now for the welcoming ceremony," he said with a dirty smile on his face.

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