Run till your feet bleed

My name's Mary-Lee, but now everyone calls me Lee. It was ten days ago when it spread. No one knows what "It" is exactly and now no one can find out.
I was with my little sister when the first adults turned into "Zombies" or whatever you want to call them. I know who did it but I don't know where he is. My sister was bitten, this means we have to worry about more than just surviving, is that even an option if she turns into one of them. Now this is the part where I tell you it's okay, that this isn't real or that everyone survives. I wish I could. But my mum told me never to lie.


6. Seal the deal



He started reaching for his buckle.  


"No! No no no no no no NO! Please don´t do this!" I pleaded shuffling against the wall, pushing against it as if it would somehow aid my escape. Yet he mearly chuckled. 


"Leave!" He commanded to Shezilla like the dog she is. He nodded and walked out after giving me one last kick. Jay stalked towards me like I was prey and whipped off his belt. As soon as he got close enough I kicked him in the balls and ran towards the door as he crumpled to the ground like a wounded soldier. I ripped open the door and tanked it away from the monster. There was no sign of Shezilla so I started heading left, I got three steps before my hair was yanked back and my head smashed against the wall. Jay put his hand on my head holding it against the wall, I belted out a scream but Jay covered my mouth, 


"Don´t do that again, baby cakes. I don´t want to have to hurt you so if you pull another stunt like that, I´ll make sure Shantele shows your sister what the new world is like. But she´ll be using her fists and feet. Now come on, baby cakes. I need to release my stress." He whispered in my ear with laboured breathing. Jay then grabbed my hand and pulled me back inside the room. The only thing that stopped me from smashing his head in was the safety of my sister. I had nearly lost her and I´m not going through that pain. She wasn´t fully recovered. He pinned me and started kissing my neck, I shivered at his touch but stood there some kind of obedient dog. What did I do to deserve this? He turned my head and thrust his tongue into my mouth, I gagged a little bit but still didn´t do anything. After a while I started to think, 


"This isn´t so ba- wait! What are you thinking?! He is going to rape you!!" 


I mentally slapped myself, Jay started slipping his hand down my trousers. I started to panic and struggle a bit,  


"Please don´t." I pleaded.  


"I´m sorry. I have too." He replied with sad eyes, then he covered my mouth with his again before I had time to analyse what he meant. I pushed him off me. "No you don´t, just let me go. I´ll do anything."

"Anything?" he questioned. There was a pregnant pause as he looked at his hands. I just sat absolutely still trying not too break the peace. 

"Okay" He said looking up again. That´s not right though. Bad guys don´t just stop in offer of something else but I stayed silent. "What do I do?" I asked.

"Just act like my loyal slave. You´re devoted to me and would die for me, simple" I blinked a few times trying to make sense of it. I was snapped out of the trance when he moved to his belt buckle again. 

"I´ll do it!"

"Good, now seal the deal with a kiss" I could hear the command hidden in his words. The last thing I wanted to do was kiss someone who obviously wanted to be the dictator of the new world but what kiss did I have? I leaned forward and planted my lips softly on his.


"Lee?" A heard a voice say, I broke away from the kiss and looked over his shoulder to see Josh standing there with pure distraught written all over his face. 


What had I done?



I stood there, gobsmacked. I could see the tears glistening in Josh´s eyes. I felt terrible. Josh looked at me one last time then turned and left the room. As soon as he left something in my head clicked. 


"YOU! You did this on purpose!" I screamed at Jay. 


"Hey! Don´t blame me. You never said you liked him, in fact I got the impression you didn´t like him at all!" He sneered. 


"I-... It´s jus-..." but I couldn´t find the words. I didn´t release I liked Josh until I lost him. After he saw the hurt and confusion on my face, Jay wrapped an arm round my shoulder and whispered in my ear, 


"Come on, baby cakes. Let´s go to bed," Then he kissed me on the cheek and led me to the main bedroom. But I didn´t want to. I felt safe with Josh, even though I had only known him for a day. He had shown up just when Alice and I needed someone. I looked outside the window and saw it was dark. Not far off, I could make out the lumbering shadows of Mum´s and Dad´s.  


"Will any Mum´s and Dad´s get us?" I whispered to Jay. 


"Mum´s and Dad´s? What are th- Oh yeah. Well, we call them sickos here. And no. They won´t," 


I felt safe as he said this and I liked the idea of calling them sickos. I stripped off my clothes. It confused me that Jay didn´t watch, but I wasn´t going to dwell on it. I laid on the bed under the covers, I heard some shuffling and turned around so I wasn´t facing him. I had to get used to this if I was to play the part. Two minutes later I felt the bed springs strain as he got into bed next to me, playing with my hair from behind. I kept thinking, 


"Lee! How can you let him touch you?! He tried to rape you! He beat you up! He tricked you. How can you be okay with any of this?" 


I wasn´t. I knew Jay was evil and delusional, but I would do anything to protect my sister. Even if that meant keeping my enemy close He wrapped an arm round my waist and pulled me against him, I felt awkward but I had to play the part. I relaxed my body and eventually fell asleep.


I woke up to Jay´s snoring as the sun rose. Sometime in the night I had turned around and Jay was snuggled into my stomach. I wasn´t sure what to do so I pinched his nose. Three seconds later his eyes shot open and he gasped for air. After a few seconds he realised he wasn´t in danger so he gave me a slanted smile and hopped out of bed. He seemed completely comfortable with me. I could use that.


"Sleep good?" He asked. 


"Uhh... fine. You?" It was kinda awkward. 


"Aye. Let´s get ready. We have to move before noon so we can get to a camp before dark," 


"Wait, WHAT?!" I shouted but he started walking away. I stood up and threw my shoe at his head."What camp? Where are we going? What is this?" I interrogated, but he turned the tables on me and suddenly he was grabbing my arm hard enough to leave a bruise.

"Who are you travelling with? What happened to your sister? And how do you have a gun? They´re not legal in Scotland. Even the police don´t get them." He interrogated back with his eyebrow raised. 


I didn´t say anything as I wriggled out of my entrapment, truth be told I wouldn´t have been able to get out is he didn´t let me. I started putting my clothes back on while avoiding Jay´s eye even though I knew he wouldn´t be watching. He took half the time to get dressed and waited at the door for me. We walked down and sat on the couch, some kid, dressed up in soldier like clothes, came up and asked Jay if he wanted anything. The fear was clear in his eyes but I couldn´t understand why, Jay wasn´t that bad.


´What about when he smashed your head off a wall?´  


My inner voice objected but I ignored it.  


"Bring that boy and the little girl here," He demanded and the boy scampered off to get Josh and Alice.  


"I have a question?..." He asked nervously. 


"Sure. What is it?" did I do something wrong? 


"I know I should know but.... Uhh.... What´s your name?" He asked. I gave a fake giggle and replied, 


"Mary-Lee but call me Lee." 


"Don´t laugh at me!" He whined but that only made me laugh harder, I wiped a fake tear from my eye just as he put his hand on my knee.

I heard a cough and we both stopped and looked up to see the boy, who came in earlier, with Alice and Josh.  


"ALICE!" I shouted and ran to pull her into a bear hug.  


"Lee?!" Alice croaked. 


"Yes?" I said not breaking the hug. 


"I can´t breath!" 


"Sorry!" Then I stepped back and realised how much I had missed my sister even though it had only been a day.  


"How´s your leg?" I flustered. I could tell it was healing but I needed to make sure she wasn´t feeling too much pain. 


"It´s fine! Can we go?" She asked, I could hear the hope in her voice and I knew Jay´s answer was going to crush it. 


"Sure!" He answered cheerfully. 


"Wait, what?!" 


"Lee, I like you so I´ll let you go but... I was hoping you would wanna come... You know? With me." I could hear the hope in his voice as well. 


"Pahahaha! Like she would wanna go with a nut job like you!" Josh interrupted. 


But I did want to go....

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