Run till your feet bleed

My name's Mary-Lee, but now everyone calls me Lee. It was ten days ago when it spread. No one knows what "It" is exactly and now no one can find out.
I was with my little sister when the first adults turned into "Zombies" or whatever you want to call them. I know who did it but I don't know where he is. My sister was bitten, this means we have to worry about more than just surviving, is that even an option if she turns into one of them. Now this is the part where I tell you it's okay, that this isn't real or that everyone survives. I wish I could. But my mum told me never to lie.


4. Flashback



I kept shaking Alice but she wouldn´t wake up. I´m not the type to just give up and have a breakdown, so I started doing CPR. Josh rushed in and started saying some things but I wasn´t listening, the only thing that mattered was saving my sister. "Let her go," I heard Josh´s voice say in the back of my mind but I would never do that, I promised. Not the type of promise like the one in Titanic. No, this one was real. It took five minutes until I heard my sister breath. All I could think was that she was meant to be dead but I wasn´t about to let a miracle pass me by. So I sat my sister up and watched her breathing until she grew conscious again. "Lee?" Alice said in a tiny voice that made me have tears in my eyes. "I´m here, baby! It´s going to be okay," I said before I blacked out.


Josh´s Point Of View


"Shit!" I cursed. Must be the stress. I made sure Alice was okay while I lied her sister beside her. I took Alice to the bathroom, she was so skinny. I looked at her leg, I wanted to fix her leg but I didn´t know how to. I started with the basics, soaking a tea towel in vodka and cleaning the wound. She started crying from the pain, the more tears that fell, the more my heart broke. I ignored the cries and kept muttering that it was going to be okay. After cleaning the wound I wrapped it in a bandage and tied it off. For the first time since I met her, I looked into Alice´s eyes. She had beautiful dark brown eyes like her sister. She smiled at me through teary eyes, she tried to stand up but whimpered in pain when she put weight on her leg. I chuckled and picked her up bridal style. She pouted and said "I´m not a baby so don´t treat me like one!" I laughed and ignored her. I carried her to the couch. "Are you feeling okay?" I asked. 


"Yes! I said stop it!" 


"Stop what?" I teased her. 


"Treating me like a baby!" 


"Who´s a baby?" 


"STOP IT!" She yelled. Tears came to my eyes as I remembered my 8 year old brother. I watched my mum tear out his throat.


Mary-Lee´s POV


"STOP IT!" I heard Alice yell. I grabbed the closest thing, which unfortunately was I pillow, but I wasn´t paying attention. I stood up and prepared myself to bash whoever was hurting my sister, with my deadly pillow. I turned into the Living room only to see Josh tickling my sister. I dropped the pillow and smiled. I was about to comment on what a lovely couple they made when I heard it. It was faint but definitely there. The groaning of Mum´s and Dad´s. I screamed at them and they turned to me in confusion. Then Josh heard it, I heard him curse under his breath. "Stay there," He told Alice as he gently laid her on the couch. I ran to the main bathroom and put on my clothes, a black vest top, adidas trackies, my dark blue hollister hoodie and my dark purple trainers. I then grabbed my Emily The Strange back pack and stuffed in Alice´s spare clothes which had fallen out. My parents had prepared me well.


~flash back~ 


I was running as hard as I could while carrying Alice. I dodged all the chaos. It had already spread. I took out my spare keys and opened the door to my flat. I look in to see a large pool of blood coming from my parents bedroom, "don´t go in! this is always the part where the stupid girl gets murdered!" I hissed at myself but that didn´t stop my walking in. I barley stopped myself from screaming at the sight in front of me, my mum and dad dead, holding each other with there eyes closed and tear stains on their faces. I looked up and saw the two bullet holes in the ceiling. At the bottom of their bed I saw my back pack and read the note attached to it.


_Dear Mary-Lee,  


Three nights ago your father was at work, his team were working on the new disease, trying to isolate it and create a cure, but one of his co-workers stole it. We knew it was only a matter of time before it spread and we knew it would cause people to do unspeakable things. We are so sorry for leaving you but we didn´t want your last memory of us to be a nightmare. In your back pack is a spare set of clothes for Alice, a spare set for you, a 2 litre bottle of water, cans of food, crackers and a glock. I know this is hard but please just tell your sister we weren´t home. We hope you survive and remember honey We Love You.  


Love, mum and dad xx


P.S Never give up xx_


By the time I had finished reading the letter tears were streaming down my face. "I love you too!" I sobbed.


~end if flash back~


Tears were streaming down my face as I re-read the letter that I had put in the back pack. I pinched myself and stood up, putting the back pack on my right shoulder. I ran back to the living room and saw Josh in a black t-shirt and a pair of cottons. He picked up Alice and walked to the window. "What are you doing?" 


"There´s a staircase that leads to the alley below," he replied, I nodded. Just as I thought everything was going smoothly, the door smashed in.

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