The witch and the major (jasper hale love story)

What happens when the new girl from Florida catches the heart of Jasper Cullen? What if the new girl isn't human and doesn't want anything to do with jasper see what happens in the first book of the jasper Cullen series


2. chapter two

Going home and first day of school

We left the Cullen's I finally understood the beauty, pale skin ,and gold eyes hey guys you noticed the Cullen's were vampires too? Yes sweetie they spoke in sink ok just checking

we came home mom I am going to bed night mom night dad Goodnight sweetie I gave my mom and dad a kiss I walked up stairs to my room with midnight following closely behind. I got in bed I really hope I don't see the Cullen's at school I fell asleep shortly after

I woke up to get ready for school I ran in the bathroom took a shower and did my daily routine I walked down stairs hey mom hey dad I am going to school ( she wore what's in the picture)

I ran out to my car and rove to school I walked out of my car and walked into school I saw some really good looking cars to see the whole Cullen family looking at me I glared back saying I am not afraid of and vampires never have never will be.

I walked up to the front desk I put a smile on my face and walked up to the lady Hello I am Erica Heckman I am new here The lady looked at her computer oh yes Erica ok here is you schedule and have this paper signed by your teacher ok? ok I walked out of the office to see the Cullen's looking at me I walked right up to them and said I would really like it if you would all stop looking at me I half screamed I left them their with wide eyes and open mouths

 I Went to my first period biology I walked up to the teacher and said hello I am Erica I am new here Ok go have a seat net to Mr. Cullen in the back of the room he handed me my slip after he signed it thank you I walked to the back room to see one of them I placed my books down and took a seat next to him Hi I am  jasper Cullen me and my family didn't mean to start off on the wrong foot I hope you will exept are apology nope I said popping the p and I also know what you family is me and my family now your vampires I whispered so only he could here Edward Cullen looked back at us and glared at me I glared ten time harder mr Cullen please look forward the teacher yelled at Edward serves him write How do you know hat we are? well one no normal person has golden eyes or is that good looking well thank you he said looking at me I glared at him stop!! I yelled causing the whole class to look at us Mrs. Heckamn and Mr. Cullen is there a problem back their no sir we both spoke. jasper didn't speak to me the rest of the time but I would see him looking at me.

Lunch time

I made my way to and empty table taking out my lunch my mom made me I took out a book and started reading then I heard a  cough I looked up to see the Cullen's looking at me we need to talk Edward spoke for all of them ok I threw away my lunch and put my book away we went to the parking lot we stood near their cars they all started bombarding me with questions So jasper and Edward must of told you me and my family now what you guys are? yes they spoke How Yelled Rosalie??? well lets just say I am not all human myself with that I walked to my next class leaving them with wide mouths.

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