The witch and the major (jasper hale love story)

What happens when the new girl from Florida catches the heart of Jasper Cullen? What if the new girl isn't human and doesn't want anything to do with jasper see what happens in the first book of the jasper Cullen series


3. chapter three

Talking to mom and dad

I walked in my house from a long boring day of school I am pretty proud of myself for yelling at the Cullen's today they have no write to just stare at a person like that Mom dad I shouted were in here honey I walked into the kitchen how was you day honey my mom asked good  the Cullen's were staring at me all day it was irritating honey we need to tell you something me and your father decided we should tell the Cullen's since we no there vampires then we should tell them about us guys that's a horrible idea we shouldn't tell them we don't want a repeat of last time!!! yes but if they say anything who will believe them were in a different time now don't worry were leaving at 8:00 be ready

I ran upstairs I started my homework I looked at my clock it was 7:05 I got up took a shower did my make up and went to my room to gather my stuff I changed into this and we set off to tell the Cullen's come on midnight if I have to go so do you!! But I don't want to go you cant make me!! OK then I lifted her up were ready to go mom and dad ok honey lets go we walked out side I set midnight down we started walking dad lets go I know you don't want to be here and I don't lets sneak away while we can!!! I whispered into his hear ok lets go my dad whispered back we stopped walking mom turned around you to better walk or else we started walking one of these days dad whispered to himself ok were here!! she ran the doorbell Carlisle and esme answered the doorbell please come in they let us in we had a seat across from the Cullen family  we have not been fully honest about who or what we really are the Cullen kids sat their scowling at me I returned the gesture midnight sat near me protectively making sure no one hurts me its ok I soothed midnight she calmed down ok me and my family are witches well my husband is a warlock my mother spoke the cullens looked at us like we were crazy my mom got up and turned Rosalie into a donkey I being a loud mouth stood up and said thank you mom for showing what she really is a ass!!! me and my dad laughed so hard we fell on the ground laughing my mom turned Rosalie back she was shocked and angry my mom gave me and dad the look like stop it your embarrassing us!!!

The Cullen stood their until Carlisle spoke ok we believe you and I am sure by now you know you know were vampires yes we do and we only feed on animal blood so you shouldn't be afraid of us my mom spoke oh don't worry we ewere never afraid of a view silly vampires ok well we should be leaving the whole time jasper was just starring at me we lefyt it was a long day I just want to go home and sleep I changed into this and went straight to bed I have horrible school tomorrow I slipped into darkness


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