The witch and the major (jasper hale love story)

What happens when the new girl from Florida catches the heart of Jasper Cullen? What if the new girl isn't human and doesn't want anything to do with jasper see what happens in the first book of the jasper Cullen series


4. chapter four

Facing the cullens

I got up from bed I headed to the bathroom took a shower and I changed and got ready for school I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast I see a note on the table 
  Dear Erica,
                     We had to attend important business with our coven we will return tomorrow afternoon be good and don't get into any fights with the Cullen's we love you and have agreat day at school honey
                                                                                                                  Love mom and dad

great I am all alone ok I better get to school I love you midnight be good and don't get into any trouble  I walked outside and got into my car I arrived at school I parked and got out I walked over to the Cullen's and did the unthinkable I am sorry for the way I have acted and I am very sorry Rosalie about insulting you they nodded Alice walked up to me and hugged me were going to be great friends I hope we can great friends emmet spoke I am going to have a new baby sister to pick on he said in his booming voice what do you mean emmet Edward yelled she doesn't know yet I don't know what they all looked towards jasper well dude you better tell her he took a unneeded breath and spoke your my blood singer I have loved you from the first time I saw you  were going to leave you two alone the Cullen's left me and jasper alone I ran up to him and hugged him will you be my girlfriend he asked of course I would Mr. Hale we walked to class this was going to be a great day I know it I said said to myself

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