The witch and the major (jasper hale love story)

What happens when the new girl from Florida catches the heart of Jasper Cullen? What if the new girl isn't human and doesn't want anything to do with jasper see what happens in the first book of the jasper Cullen series


5. chapter five

Feel the love

I have talked with the Cullen's Carlisle and esme are like second parents Emmet and Edward are like my big brothers and Rosalie and Alice are my sisters my life is perfect me and jasper have gotten very close he is taking me out tonight cant wait to tell mom and dad when they come back tonight im so happy
It was 5:30 jasper would be here at 7: to pick me up I hoped in the shower did my hair and make up and changed I sat and waited for jasper I heard a knock on the door I saw jasper with roses and a teddy bear that says I love you aww jazz I love you too I hugged him, I love you darling ready to go ya I put the roses into a vase and the teddy bear on my bed 
jasper  took me out out a fancy restaurant  he then took me to watch the sunset he got down on one knee jasper I spoke so softly I love you Erica I always will you are my blood singer will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend? Of course jasper I love you we hugged each other he gave me a box that revealed the most beautiful necklace ever I love it jasper its beautiful not as beautiful as you I blushed and  we watched the sunset until it got dark out he brought me home thanks you for the amazing night I love you jasper I love you to darling he kissed me then went home oh ya and Erica ya jasper leave your window open tonight ok my stalker I Love you to baby I went up to my room changed and went to bed jasper then crawled in bed with me my head on his chest I love you darling I love you to jasper

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