The witch and the major (jasper hale love story)

What happens when the new girl from Florida catches the heart of Jasper Cullen? What if the new girl isn't human and doesn't want anything to do with jasper see what happens in the first book of the jasper Cullen series


1. chapter 1

The move

Today mom and dad woke me up too early, mom and dad had everything already set up at home the perks of being a witch, we got are brooms we flew off I called for midnight I held her close to my chest and flew off behind mom and dad forks here we come !!!

we finally arrived home we lived in the forest we don't like it when people bother us, I noticed another house a few feet away from us it was beautiful I wonder who lives there I thought to myself

We are going to go meet them my mom said reading my mind ok lets go meet them but mom are we going to tell them you know what? No we all have to put are mental shields up, ok? she said looking at me and dad Ok, alright we both replied we started to unpack

We finally finished we put are shield up and we walked over to the beautiful house we all had are good cloths on my dad rung the doorbell , A handsome man in his late 20s answered the door My dad spoke Hello where Mr. and Mr. Heckman and this is are daughter Erica nice to meet you The beautiful man spoke hello I am Carlisle Cullen please come in so you can meet my family, we walked in the house is even more beautiful inside than outside, we walked in and saw more beautiful people A dark haired women came in hello I am  Esme Carlisle wife pleased to meet you, hi were the heckmans we looked and saw a boy with bronze hair, a pixie haired girl, a boy who looked in pain, a giant guy who looked like he could kill us at any minute and a a beautiful blonde girl who we later learned their names were Edward and alice who were together and emmet and Rosalie who were togthere they were together japser was the only single one it finnaly clicked what they were they were vampires!!!

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