I have a crush on two guys-Luke, he's perfect and Ashton he's hot. But what happens when Ella finds out Luke really likes her and also Ashton has a massive crush on her and he's a bad boy. *contains sexual references*


1. Ella's party ;)


'Sis you look great' my brother Calum says, 'thanks Cal' I say. I'm so excited because Calum invited his friends Ashton, Michael and Luke which are actually in a band and also I have a crush on Ashton and Luke.

*5 hours later*

Everywhere I look everyone is making out. 'Ella!!' Luke basically screams. 'Haha what Luke?' I say while walking over to him, 'oh I was just wanting to say you look absolutely gorgeous' he blushes, 'aww thanks Lukey!' I say and blush deep red. After a few seconds of staring at each other he slowly leans in and looks into my eyes with his beautiful ocean blue eyes. I lean in too, his soft lips press against me. 'Can we take this to your room?' he says with pleading eyes, 'sure' I say I couldn't help but blush again. I could tell he was drunk because he stumbled up the stairs knocking over my mums vase, 'Lukeeee!' I say sounding more whiny than I wanted it to sound, 'babe it's ok' he whispers while pressing his finger on my lips.

He jumps onto my bed and I do too, he starts full on making out with me. He rips his clothes off and once again I do the same.

*skip the rest of the night*

I wake up hearing light snores coming from Luke who is lying there naked beside me, oh god what if Calum finds out he'd kill us. I get up to have a shower, after about 5 minutes I feel hands on my hips. 'Hey babe' Luke's says sweetly, 'uhh hey' I say nervously 'no need to be nervous' he says turning me around. 'Youre so beautiful' he says kissing me between words, 'wanna do this again sometime?' He says blushing, 'but Luke it's called a one night stand for a reason' I say kinda with a sad voice. 'But I like you, a lot' he whispers while looking down, omg Luke likes me! 'Oh my god Luke I do too' I say smiling wide. 'You do?' He says with the same big smile as me, 'yes, will you umm maybe be my girlfriend? We could go on a date after?' He says looking deep into my eyes. Oh my god!

Hi guys thanks for reading this, yes I know it sucks but I've written this 3 times because it keeps deleting. Comment and like if you want me to keep writing! Thanks again <3 Amber xx

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