I have a crush on two guys-Luke, he's perfect and Ashton he's hot. But what happens when Ella finds out Luke really likes her and also Ashton has a massive crush on her and he's a bad boy. *contains sexual references*


3. Date and surprise 😁

'Umm Ella are you ok?' Luke says while he fixed his blonde quiff, 'YES LUKE I WILL!' I yell, Luke jumped. We jumped out of the shower and got dressed. 'I have something planned' Luke says while he grins. 'Lukeeee' I moan. 'Save that for later baby' he says jokingly, 'ha-ha-ha!' I sarcastically say.

Luke took me to a carnival in the city, it was so fun and he was so romantic. 'Luke I want that penguin!' I tug at his jacket, 'same' he smirks, 'Can you win it for me?' 'Depends' he says, 'on?' I ask, 'if you...kiss me at the top of the ferris wheel' he chuckles, 'ok I'll do it, I would've anyway' I say smiling, he just poked my cheek then paid the man to play the game

Ding ding ding! The game alerted that Luke had won the biggest penguin which was 1 metre tall! He was awesome (both the penguin and Luke) 'Luke! Omg thanks babe!' I kiss him. 'I might win you things more often' he smiles, 'no need for that' I kiss him again.

Later on about 9 o'clock we go on the Ferris wheel. We kissed at the top, but it wasn't just a normal kiss it was magical, fireworks went all over me. I've never felt this way before especially over a guy. I think I'm falling for Luke Hemmings.

I stayed at Luke's house that night. Best date ever.

I woke up to crashing, it's coming from the kitchen... 'Luke?' 'You weren't supposed to see yet' Luke whines, 'sorry Lukey' I say pouting and mocking his whiny voice, 'you're adorable' he said as he kissed my cheek, 'but your more adorable, no actually the penguin you won me is the most adorable haha' I tease, Luke fake cried.

*couple days later*

Luke stayed over last night, I woke up first but I felt sick. Luke woke up and started to snuggle me but I went rushing to the bathroom, I vomited right there and then in front of Luke 😞 so embarrassing. 'Baby are you ok?' Luke asks while passing me a towel to wipe my face 'I d-don't know' I stutter, 'you don't think I'm pregnant do you?'

Hey guys thanks for reading, I'm not good at writing so don't take this book seriously 😁

Looking for someone to be Ashton, Calum and Michaels girlfriends! 😘 x

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