jasmine cullen

Hey I am jasmine Cullen or jazzy Cullen the younger twin daughter of bella and Edward, I am more vampire than Nessie but we both grow at the same pace I like od better than human food in fact I never eat human food unlike Nessie who will eat human food and blood mommy and daddy were not too happy when they found out one of our witness was my blood singer


7. chapter 7

A/n hey im doing a time skip so she will have spent a longer period of time.

I have spent fifteen yars of my life I have been stuck here im now inmortal I stop aging a few ago. I miss my garrett i wonder how hes doing. Does my family even miss me. Because i miss tem horribley but today im getting out im leaving the voltorie. Im leaving in the middle of the day wish me luck her I go. I ran out with my cape covering me I ran all the way to washington I stopped to feed every once and awhile I fiwnnaly reached firms in just a few days I may not have been here for  but I still rember my familys home. I walked to the front door and walkin  they must not be home I peek into the living room and to my horror I see garret kissing another girl and all of the Cullen's laughing and having  a great time just like I'm not even there I see my where I stand  I say aloud my family turns around the have faces full of joy they run to me I put my hand up to tell them to stop they look hurt mom and dad step forward and say what's wrong honey we all have missed you well why is garrett kiss that hoe  and all of you are having a grand old time I never really got a god look at the women I see blond hair and I realize garret Was kissing Kate!!! I look at Kate and garret with hurt in my eyes and Garrett speaks jasmine I'm sorry I found my true mate. I never meant to hurt you please under stand.no I don't understand why you would lead me on like that I thought you loved me and I ran away from them so we could be toghtter but I was wrong Kate tried to speak but I just said PAIN instead a power Icopied from Jane the culens looked at me and I caused pain to all of them and I left feeling hurt and betrayed

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