jasmine cullen

Hey I am jasmine Cullen or jazzy Cullen the younger twin daughter of bella and Edward, I am more vampire than Nessie but we both grow at the same pace I like od better than human food in fact I never eat human food unlike Nessie who will eat human food and blood mommy and daddy were not too happy when they found out one of our witness was my blood singer


6. chapter 6

Chapter eight

I said my goodbyes to everyone I turned to a especially pained looking garret and promised one day I will come back and we will be together I just hope I can keep that promise. I waved goodbye to my family I turned to the voltori and we ran back to Italy it took awhile but we finally made it Aro was the first to speak, Welcome Jasmine we are glad you could join us we will speak more in the morning until then Jane lead me down the long dark hallways. We got to my room and I was surprised the room was kind of modern and nice looking, I looked at Jane surprised she spoke, you know if you do what Aro says then  everything will be ok and we can become friends because to be honest I don't have many girl friends around her. For a moment I felt bad for Jane I always pictured her as a cruel evil vampire who likes to cause pain to others But really she just needed a friend ( ok I know its corny but bare with me), I changed into my pjs and crawled onto the satin sheets, And I was surprised I didn't miss my family but Garret instead I regret not liking him when I had the chance hopefully he wont move on.

The next day I woke up I quickly got dressed and went down the halls to the throne room and I bowed to Aro to show respect even thought I feel no respect to him, I looked up at Aro and he grinned like a Cheshire cat at me which is very creepy. Ahhh we are very happy you could join us So please tell us what powers you have so we can see if you can be useful to us, And what if im not useful I looked him dead in the eye? Then we will let you return home seeing you are fully grown and it seems soon you will become immortal so be honest what powers do you have? And don't lie we will know. Well im a copy cat I can copy anybody's power I have copied so many powers that I have lost track. He looked deep on thought like he was thinking on what to do. Can I go home or must I stay I was hoping that he would let me go home. Well we don't have a copy cat so you shall stay with us so we can run further tests and you will go with Jane and Alec when they go on missions they will watch over you with a carefull eye. I was disappointed that I couldent go home soon I will be with my family

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