jasmine cullen

Hey I am jasmine Cullen or jazzy Cullen the younger twin daughter of bella and Edward, I am more vampire than Nessie but we both grow at the same pace I like od better than human food in fact I never eat human food unlike Nessie who will eat human food and blood mommy and daddy were not too happy when they found out one of our witness was my blood singer


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

( garrets point of view)
I was running back to forks with Emmett  and Rosalie as we drew closer a sweet smell hit me, I new that smell meant my mate was close by but who could she be? I sped behind Emmett and Rosalie as we were growing closer to forks.

(jasmines point of view)
I got hit with a very sweet smell, hey daddy? yes pumpkin? what's that smell its smell like umm I don't now daddy's eyes darkened umm I don't know I think mama must have spread some perfume that's all, ok daddy what ever you say I walked down satires hey guys. I got a chorus of hellos bye the way I like that new perfume you sprayed she looked at me umm what perfume ahem daddy coughed mommy looked at him  can I talk to you ok be right back guys

(bellas point of view)
Edward pulled me aside what was she talking about perfume I never sprayed any? I know when a vampires meeting their mate for the first time it smells really good so when she told me that I said you were spraying perfume I didn't want here to know yet, but who could it be we have everyone here  I know who, who the? Emmett and Rosalie went to get carlisles old friend named garret oh no

(Jasmine point of view)
I overheard mommy and daddies  conversation about another vampire coming that was grandpa's old friend I really cant wait to meat them, so far I have made friends with a the vampires here  but in the mean time I need to find something to do I am goanna die of boredom maybe a trip into the woods wouldn't hurt everybody is outside trying to expand mommy's shield, I could slip out the front bada bing bada boom

I  called zoey to come with me if anything were to happen not like it would she could go get help she's kind of like lassie always their to help me and warn me of danger I quietly as I could slowly made my way down the stairs with Zoey in my arms we made it down the stairs good thing everyone's in the back I ran swiftly in the woods to my secret spot only me and Zoey no about I put her down and she ran besides me

(Garrett's point of view)

I followed Emmett and Rosalie back to the Cullen house we made are way out to the back yard were everyone's training incase of a fight ahhh Garrett its been a long time its good to see you Carlisle and what's this about going against the voltori  their has been a mistake they think that ness and jazzy are immortal children when  they were conceived when Bella was human and after their birth we turned Bella. Can I meet them? of course ness is out here all call for jasmine Jazzy Carlisle called out no response after a couple try's at that everyone ran inside we looked and their seemed no sighs of jasmine Bella observed that zoey her pet dog was gone and were jasmine was zoey was not going to be far behind we set out in the woods I new I needed to find my mate before anything got to her 

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