jasmine cullen

Hey I am jasmine Cullen or jazzy Cullen the younger twin daughter of bella and Edward, I am more vampire than Nessie but we both grow at the same pace I like od better than human food in fact I never eat human food unlike Nessie who will eat human food and blood mommy and daddy were not too happy when they found out one of our witness was my blood singer


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

 (jasmines point of view)
I woke up from the best dream  ever I saw a guy he was so handsome he told me about me being his mate that's all I can remember until mommy woke the us up. I don't want to go meet them just leave me all alone I am sleepy Zoey liked my face to wake me up Ewwww Zoey you know I don't like that she made that that face  dogs make when they just did something mischievous.

I walked out of the car stretching mommy took my hand and daddy took Nessie's we walked toward the group of unfamiliar people Zoey stood protectively in front of me. Nessie walked towards them and showed them the memories of mommy pregnant with us then how daddy turned her. The all gasped trying to understand how she did that daddy spoke she's gifted like all of us.

Then it was my turn of geez what if they don't like me mommy gave me a slight push inching me towards them ,daddy sensed how scarred I am was and sent me reassuring thoughts. ok I whispered to myself I be ok .I spoke softly can I have a volunteer  please Kate spoke and said I will ok I gentley took my hand and shocked her she fell wincing in pain I am sorry I didn't mean to hurt you no its ok I helped her up I am a copy cat I can copy other powers and use them against they.

the Denali's looked at mommy and daddy and said ok we will help we said our goodbyes for now and made our way back to they car ok one coven down a lot more to go I thought daddy chuckled mommy kissed us and said how good we did me and Nessie hugged we started are long drive back to forks.

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