jasmine cullen

Hey I am jasmine Cullen or jazzy Cullen the younger twin daughter of bella and Edward, I am more vampire than Nessie but we both grow at the same pace I like od better than human food in fact I never eat human food unlike Nessie who will eat human food and blood mommy and daddy were not too happy when they found out one of our witness was my blood singer


2. chapter 1

Chapter 2

Jazzy wake up we have to go see your cousins my mothers voice spoke sweetly in my ear. But mom why cant you and daddy just take Nessie im to tired I groaned.Im sorry jazz but you need to wake up NO!!!fine then have it your way finnaly she left I thought I was in the clear then I was soaked in ice water MOM!!! I shouted hey you didn't want to get up fine im up I put my hands up in surrender now let me get dressed.

Aunty rose I called out, yes honey can you pick me out something to wear please? Of course sweetie she hurried to my closet she always loved it when I would let her pick out my outfits she would always pick something cool out, here you go she came back with some faded jeans a cute shirt and jacket I quickly thanked her and changed. I ran down stairs to see grandma had breakfast out on the table. Grandma yes sweetie can I please have something to eat? Of course honey she came back with a cup of blood and I sipped  it down. Thanks grandma, welcome sweetie.

ZOEY, I yelled were are you girl she came trotting down the stairs come on lets get you some breakfast before we go Zoey follows me everywhere I go she protects me. I found her doggy dish and put some dog food in the bowl she quickly ate it all, Jazzy we have to go I saw Nessie running toward me ok, Me Nessie and Zoey trotted to the car daddy buckled me in and mommy buckled Nessie, Zoey hoped near my feet and daddy and mommy got into the front seat we started are journey to meet the Denali's.  

  (Edwards point of view)
I hoped in the front seat of my silver Volvo and sped to the Denali's, the whole time I worried what if we cant gather any witnesse it angered me that Irina would just assume we had a inmortal child why didn't she jjsut come to us. EDWARD WATCH OUT, Bella's voice inturupted my train of thought I saw I was in  the wrong lane and with inches to spare swerved out, are you ok ya im fine I lied just got lost in my train of thought that's all, Ok just be more careful,ok I looked back to see Nessie and jazzy sound asleep the only thought was I need to protect my family at all cost I sped down the road we will be arriving soon.

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