The story of us

Andrea Russett and Kian Lawley have been crushing on each other ever since they laid each other


2. Chapter 2: Her

"KIAN!" yelled Sam clear across the house

"What Sam?" i asked running up the stairs to Sam's room and of course i was done of running up those stupid stairs for Sam.

"You remember my friend  Jenn's  rommie Andrea right?" and i nodded sitting on Sam's bed looking at this video of her saying she thought i was a hottie and i was just blushing like crazy when she said that

"Wow she said that she is beauty if you ask me so whens Jenn coming over with Andrea?" i asked smiling and Sam laughed at me telling me they might be over tomorrow,
I went back into my room thinking about Andrea with her cute smile and her face was just perfect i think i maybe inlove?!?

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