The story of us

Andrea Russett and Kian Lawley have been crushing on each other ever since they laid each other


1. Chapter 1: Him

"Hey everybody its your favorite YouTuber ME Andrea!!!!" i said for my new video

I looked at the camera doing my cutie faces

"Hows your guys days doing? Good i thought so. So on twitter i asked you guys what you all wanted me to do for my new video and that was Q&A" that was my favorite thing to do for my videos for while now 

As i went into the video i got a tweet from @Andrea_forever_xoxo: How is your favorite O2L memeber and why?

"Okay guys @Andrea_forever_xoxo i love the user name boo! asks who is my fav O2L memeber well if i could choose it would be Kian like for real have you seen him Hottie alert fun fact we've meet before!"

After saying that my twitter was blowing up with #Kiandrea and stuff i don't know why at all i wonder if kian will see my video? huh seems pretty legit if you asked me people but that seemed stupid his never going see it or like am cute.......



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