The story of us

Andrea Russett and Kian Lawley have been crushing on each other ever since they laid each other


3. Andrea P.O.V.

After that twitter blow out i went to do what any other fan girl would do is go get a whole bunch of photos of Kian and 

made him my background on my phone i was like any other girl ha ha! For about a hour of doing that i decided to go to bed and see what tomorrow would bring for me. 

When i woke up my first thing to do was get ready so i put on my  white 'SWAG' crop top, black high waisted shorts and my black vans and put my hair up in a bun and went to go wake up Jennie Boo Bear from her slumber! so i went into her small ass room seeing her all pretty ha not more like 'i woke up like this' thing going on and i went closer to her all ninja like.

"WAKE UP JENNIE BOO BEAR!!!!!" i yelled right in her face and she shot right up doing that scream face and looking around seeing me smiling like i was on crack or something

"What the hell Andrea?" i was laughing my ass off

"Nothing just a wake up call cuz i love you that's all" and Jenn whacked me with her pillow hard "Shut up Andrea love you too big head!" 

Finally she was ready as i was in the kitchen eating waffles while listening to some Chris brown or something to kill time with her slow ass. Jenn and me have a show that we have to do with 'Awesomeness TV' which we were going to go house hunting in the blazing hot sun not my ideal thing to do today. We headed into the car looking around but sorta had a accident when i almost bumped into a car i cant parallel park worth crap.

"Andrea its the wrong place" Jenn said laughing her ass off

"How about you drive geez" i was having a hard time driving today......

Finally we were done and time to go home but Jenn had other plans for me and her she took us to this big house in this fancy snotty neighborhood that i would love to live for no reason whats so ever. Jenn dragged me out of the car making me ding dong instead of her.

"Yo Sammie its Jenn and Andrea" Jenn yelled banging on the door and i took her hand from the door 

"Stop being like the freaking coppers" i hissed at her coppers means the polica aka police just saying and the i've seen this house before i think at a party i think and Sam come to the door smiling

"Hey Jennie!" i knew Sam had a thing for Jenn for a long time but Jenn was clueless to see it for one.

We went in and i was looking around for the longest time and i took a seat on the couch with Sam and he was asking me about how my day was and i told him bad and somebody come down the stairs Oh crap Kian.......and we looked at each other.............

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