The Connection Alert Code

The Kid connection is a secret organisation of kids from all around the world, form troublemakers to spoiled children; there goal is to uncover hidden secrets, but one secret has inflicted The Connection Alert Code, and now it's up to Sara and Abigail to unite the whole Kid connection again and stop the horrible plan, or go to jail trying.


2. The Rich Company

                     Sara ran out of the building and down the street as fast as she could, suddenly a horn honked and a limo pulled up beside her and the window rolled down and a girl stuck her head out the window.

                    "Need a ride?" she asked with a smile, Sara smiled and opened the door and slipped into the seat next to her, the girl smiled and pushed back her golden brown hair.

                    "Thanks Abby" Sara replied, Abby smiled, but her eyes showed how worried she was, they both knew what was going on.

                    "No problem Sara, we can talk about The Problem when we get to your house" Abby replied, the nervous energy that Abby had was making Sara jumpy, but they finally arrived at Sara's house; they slipped into the house quietly, making sure that they weren't seen by Sara's mom, they went to Sara's room and locked the door behind them; but they didn't stay there, Sara stood on her bed and pulled on a cord above her bed, down came a set of stairs leading to the attic. They climbed up the stairs and closed it behind them, they both sat down; both had serious faces and looked years older.

                     "The Connection Alert Code sounded today, do you think someone found out what Nathan found?" Sara asked, Abby nodded.

                     "There's a huge chance that someone could have, which means we need to start the connection lock down; do you have the supplies ready? we can leave right now, but just tell your mom you're going to have a week sleepover at my house; my parents won't mind if we're not home" Abby said, fast talking as always, Sara nodded and pulled out two bags and smiled.

                     "Alright, we've got everything ready; we'll have to be quick slipping out this time, and out the back door" Sara said; she tossed a bag to Abigail and slipped the other one onto her back, Abigail grinned.

                     "Ready Sara?" Abigail asked, Sara grinned and nodded.

                     "Let's go" Sara replied, they both grinned at each other and got down out of the attic.

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