What's left of me.


2. New chapter

I want to wake up.

But I don't know how.

I heard a voice. It was sweet and calming. I recognize it.

It was the nurse that I spoke to before every thing went blank.

"Sweet heart you can do this, you can wake up."

That was the first voice I heard since I have been in this's coma.

Am I..

Am I waking up?

"She's coming to!" I heard a voice yell

I could feel my hands moving.

"Nurse Jane! You did it! You gotten through to her!"

My eyes opened.

"About time you woke up!" Nurse Jane spoke with happiness, a tear came to her eye.

"How long was I in a coma?"

"So you were aware that you were in a coma?"


"Could you hear us when you were in the coma?"

"No not until she spoke to me."I pointed to nurse Jane.

"How do you know it was nurse Jane that spoke to you?"

"I recognized her voice." I smiled.

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