This is a poem that I wrote for a dear friend who I have lost......REST IN PEACE HOPE <3


1. An old friend

When I look out side all see is grey

My life will never be the same now that you are gone

So I wrote you this poem for you my dear friend..............

The world is grey

The sky is dark...so who turned out the lights

you shined so bright with every step you could make the world a better place

Only now to night you will sleep

Fall into a sleep that never ends because you are gone


Such a silly word to say

for you are not gone just yet

spread your wings and fly around for you are not gone no you will stay around

spread the light and love every were you go

show us all that you are not gone that you are still here.

We still have hope.....

For you are not gone but flying high

you will spread the light and love the world to night

bring color to our grey world you can not

For you are gone

we all love and miss you so much HOPE. I hope that you are happier were you are now.




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