Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


8. chapter 7

I kept staring at my phone.

"Why are you not answering, who is it ?" Calum said with a questioning look on his face.

"Uhm nobody" I said as I declined the call.

"You sure it wasn't important?" I was sad but I don't know why I mean it was only a dream. But jenn has been gone fore a couple of days.

"Ruby?" I got back to reality.

"O n-no it's not important" then he had a little smirk on his face.

"You can tell me ya know if something is wrong" I looked down should I tell him. I looked up for a second. He looked worried and confused.

"I-it was about that nightmare thing whatever it was" and again I looked at my feet. I heard him coming closer. And when I looked up he was right in front of me. After a while he hugged me. Lm going to be honest that was the best hug I ever had.

"It's all going to be okay, it was just a dream" I feel his voice vibrating in my shoulder. When moves away from me. He looked at me. I wanted to kiss him I really do. But maybe he doesn't like me. He then turns around. I frown a little. Guess he doesn't like me.

"Do you have something to eat" he giggles a little afterwards.

"Sorry that's actually rude, but lm hungry" I smile a little.

"N-no it's fine, i have some leftover pizza" aw I love pizza. It's just the best thing that ever happened in the world. But I didn't eat the whole pizza. My body sucks.

"I love pizza!!" Before I could even blink he was already bouncing to the kitchen. (Yes he is actually bouncing to the kitchen).

"Can we watch a movie?"

"Y-yeah sure"

"Can we watch mean girls" I nod.

I actually didn't watch the movie. I was more looking at calum. The way he smiles . The way he is into a movie. This sounds creepy but it's true.

When the movie ended it was silent for one moment.

"I love that movie" he says while walking to the kitchen.

I looked over to Calum.

"You know you don't have to be scared of me, I really won't hurt you"

I looked down and frowned a little I looked down. I heard him closer. When I looked up he was really close.

"You're beautiful you know that" he licked his lips . And glanced at my lips. Is he going to kiss me? We were getting closer and closer. Until a phone ringed it was Calum's phone. He rolled his eyes annoyed. And turned away from me.

"Hello with calum" he said while he walked over to the living room.

I just stood there frozen. I couldn't progress this. Was he actually going to kiss me. An unattractive girl like me. No I think it was just an mistake. Then I popped back to reality. And walked over to the living room.

"That was my mom, lm sorry I have to go"

"N-No it's fine" he was just about to turn to leave.

"Wait!" He turned around and looked quite shocked. I think because I just said a sentence really loud and without stuttering.

"What is it?"

"Can we hangout more often?" He smiled a little

"Of course we can, can't believe you actually did it" he stood there amazed but I was confused.

"Did what?"

"There you did it again, I mean you like didn't stutter or anything" he smiled and winked.

I looked down and blushed a little.

"I can still see you blush ya know"

He comes closer and puts two fingers on my chin. And tilts my head up.

"Don't hide your face it's beautiful" I think I was really red cause he chuckled a little.

"Bye Ruby, and yes we can hang out more often" he quickly kisses me on the cheek and leaves.

I think I represented a tomato at that moment. There were a lot of butterflies in my stomach. Until I thought about Jenn.

Now it's time to call Jenn.

"Hello Ruby?"

"Hi Jenn sorry that I didn't called I was busy"

"Okay that's good I was kind of scared you were mad at me or something like that"

"No no of course not but Jenn I have to tell you something"

"What is it?"

I told her everything about the dream, but the weird part is I didn't tell her about Calum.

"You know what the weird part is?"


"I actually had the similar dream"

"Are you Sirious?"

"Yes but it wasn't exactly the same, but there were a few things the same"

"Jenn we are still friends right?"

"Of course we are, I actually wanted to ask you the same thing" I laughed a little.

"New rule we never leave each other"

"Yep best friends forever which sounds cheesy but it's true" I laugh a little.

"It was nice talking to you Jenn"

"You to Ruby"



I smiled a little I still had my best friend. And I also had Calum. Lm still thinking about that kiss. Then I begin to realize that I like Calum.

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