Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


6. chapter 5

"What the hell are you doing here" Luke asks kind of iterated.

"I live here, now please leave me alone" and walked away from him to the bus stop.

The bus still wasn't there. I sighed and saw Luke running my way. I rolled my eyes and plugged my earbuds in my ear playing all time low a love like war. And looked at the ground. Until I met a pair of black vans. I looked up and saw Luke with a little bit regret and anger in his face. He carefully took out one of my earbuds and started to listen. "I didn't know you liked this band"

"why are you being so nice all of a sudden" I asked with a questioning look on my face.

"Lm sorry I just realized, lm always kind of a dick to you and I want to start over and get to know each other" "please just leave me alone" i whisper.

"OKAY SORRY THAT I TRIED TO BE NICE TO YOU" and walks away angry.

"Wait Luke!" No response. I then look down and just wait until the bus came. When the bus came as always people where staring and pointing, and it was the whole ride like that. When I wanted to step out of the bus someone tripped me and I fell out of the bus in a puddle. And of course the whole bus, plus what makes it even worse the bus driver himself were laughing. I was quickly running in the school. More people laughing and staring. Don't worry lm kind of used to. I was then going to the bathroom, and I looked disgusting. I fixed my makeup a little and went to class.

*time skip*

It was lunch time and as always I was going to the corner to the lonely table. As I like to call it. I put my head in my hands and sight deeply.

"Who are you".

my head snaps up. And I see a boy my age. A little tanned and brown hair, and dark brown hair.

"O sorry l'm Calum l'm new here" he shakes my hand.

"R-Ruby" he chuckles a little but also frowns mmm weird.

"You don't talk much do ya" I nodded my head. Again he chuckles. He is really cute, and he has squishy cheeks.

"Can I sit with you" I nod .

"soo why don't you talk much"

"l'm scared if I say something wrong" I whisper quietly.

"Well l'm not going to judge you I don't say the best things either, but uhm you wanna hang out later" I nod again.

" okay I gotta go back to my friends, I already knew them you wanna come" i saw where he was pointing at and my eyes grew wide.

He was pointing at the table with Luke, Ashton and Michael. "Y-you know them" I again whisper.

"Yes, I guess you already know them" again with a frown.

Before I could say anything else he already run away. Great guess they told something about me. I then walk away from the table. And get some smirks and laughing from THE table. And I saw Calum frown. I quickly run out of the cafeteria. And go to the bathroom. I haven't seen Jenn in a long time wonder what's up with that. I look in the mirror I look disgusting. But when didn't I look disgusting. Nobody needs me here. Tears from my eyes but I need to go to class. So I wipe my tears away and get out of the bathroom. But then I saw Ashton, Michael and Calum standing there. The worst of all is that I finally saw Jenn. But she looked fake and was flirting with Luke who also was standing there. She also had two girls behind her and they looked plastic to. When she saw me she grinned evilly.

"Look who we have here" everyone looked at me like with disgusted looks. I had to hold back a few tears because I think I just lost my "friend".

"Aww did you thought I was your friend". I didn't say anything. She then comes up to me and kicks me in my stomach. I groan and fall to the ground.

"I will never be a friend with someone as pathetic as you" she kicks me in the stomach again with her foot. And the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

I hear everyone laugh around me.

"Grab her" and two girls who where originally next to Luke were now behind me and grabbed me. So that I could see everyone. Calum was still frowning. And Jenn saw that and smiled evilly. Luke understand what she meant. And turned to Calum.

"Hit her" and he half glared at him. And also whispered something in his ear. And he was really pale now.

As he came to me he mouthed a sorry and punched me right in the stomach. After a few times he stopped. And I dropped to the ground.

"Remember Ruby nobody wants to be your friend" Jenn said and turned around everyone followed and laughed. And I was there alone on the ground.there was some blood on my mouth and i wipe it off. I wanted to die so bad. I guess that somebody like me can't make any friends. I slowly get up and groan in pain. As I get up I walk out of the school. To my house. Nobody was home. My mom left for work for 3 weeks. Not that she home sometimes. I walk upstairs and grab my razor and take a bath. I make a few cuts and look at it. She is right I am pathetic. I frown. I will never have friends. I should die.

Finnally a new chapter hope you liked it. I changes something anything can happen now. It's not just a Luke Hemmings fanfiction now anything can happen now. So it makes it more exciting. Hope you like this . L'm so glad still that people actually read my story. Thank you so much!!


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