Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


4. chapter 4

1 day earlier***

Luke's pov

Moving I hate it's terrible all the boxes and the mess. Not that I ever make a mess but jeez. Well I have seen the house it looks pretty cool actually. "Luke please help me with this box" my mom asks with almost puppy eyes. I chuckle a little "sure" and grab the box from her and put it in the living room. I then hear my phone play my ringtone. And grab it off the table, it was calum.

"Heyyy luke" "hey cal"

"I was wondering can you come over ?, Mikey and ash are coming and some other dudes I invited from school" "yeah sure will be there in ten minutes". I put the phone in my pocket and walk over to the door and before lm leaving in say "mum lm going to calum!!" "Okay have fun sweetie" I open the door and look at the neighbours house. And my eyes widened it was Ruby in her bedroom sitting on here laptop. She was my neighbour? I didn't really I mean she is kind of pretty, I need to think about my reputation. I don't know why I bully her though. I then turn around and hop in the car.

**time skip**

"Heyyy you made it come in" calum stood there with his warm smile. "Are the others here already?" I asked " yeah there in the living room" then calum walked infront of me to the living room. Mikey ash were there and a few others that I know from school:joe, Tyler, Justin and Lucas. I didn't know them that wel, I think I know Tyler the best. " hey whats up" almost everyone said. I chuckled a little " lm fine, what are you doing?". "We were just about to play truth or dare wanna join?" Ash said with a slight smirk. "Sure".

"Okay calum you go first" " okay I pick Tyler" he says with a big smirk on his face. "Dare" "okay I dare you to eat a whole spoon of mustard" while Tyler was pulling a dirty face. Calum came with one of his famous and a spoon full of mustard in the living room. Then Tyler took the spoon and he actually was eating it. When he was done he run to the kitchen. And came out with a big glass full of water. " o god that was terrible" everyone was rolling and laughing on the ground including me. "Okay Tyler you choose" "okay I chooseeeee Luke" "dare" normally I would never choose dare cause I hated it but I don't wanna be a wuss. "Okay so you know that Ruby girl from school right" o god. "Yes". His smirk was even bigger now. "Okay so you have 1 month to make her fall in love with you, and when she is you will break her heart" he was laughing like a 3 year old."wait let's make it more fun, let's make it into a battle, you with Calum" "Okay no problem" we say at the same time. "and what if she doesn't fall in love with me". " the loser gives the winner 100 bucks". but Mikey and ash where actually looking sad. O god please don't tell me that they pity her."HA easy, okay challenge Accepted"

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