Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


2. chapter 2

I kind of don't want to go to school today, not that I ever want to go to school. It's terrible it's hell. I wish that I had at least a few friends to hang out with well guess that's not gonna happen. I was looking around me and it was so quiet and lonely, kind of wanted to cry but I didn't. I just shrugged it off and walked again to the place I like to call hell

_________time skip__________

While I was walking to my locker I accidentally bumped into someone. And of course it had to be freaking Luke Hemmings the cool kid of the school. "Watch where you're going fatass" he quickly walked passed me. and all my books where on the floor, I could hear all the snickers behind me. As fast as I could I grabbed all my books and ran to the toilet. There I was crying like a pathetic human being. Why was I crying this happens everyday. Guess this happens when you have no friends. Then I heard a door open. And I heard some crying. As I opened the door I could see a girl crying. I accidentally made a noise and she quickly turned her head. And took some steps back. I think she was afraid of me. "What are you gonna do to me" and then she broke down crying again. But then I gave her a hug . She looked up at me she had red puffy eyes, her hair was a mess and she had some cute pair off glasses on. "Wait you're not gonna run away or call me names?" I asked with a weird look on my face. "I actually wanted to say the same thing" she giggles quietly. "My name is ruby by the way" looking down cause I never ever did these kind off things in a daily basis. "Wow that's a pretty name, my name is Jennifer but please call me Jenn I hate my name" "I think it's a lovely name but I think I like Jenn better" I kind off observed her more she had a lightly tanned skin, blond hair with blue dip dye and some big blue eyes. "Does this mean were friends now?" She asks with some hope in her eyes. "Well I never had a real friend before, but yes yes of course!!" We then hugged each other again. And fix are hair and make up. And this was the day I had a friend. Maybe everything will get better.

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