Ruby is a shy girl who's been bullied.
She has no friends.
One day this all changes


1. chapter 1

Ruby's pov

"BEEP BEEP BEEP", ugh I hate mondays. I slowly get out of my bed and turn off my alarm.

I then go to the bathroom and look with disgust in my face at my reflection. Why the hell does everybody has to be so pretty and I need to look like a hobo, no even a hobo looks better than this. After that I brushed my teeth and applied a little bit of make up, I never liked make up that much but it helps with the things that aren't pretty. O well not that lm saying that lm pretty and I don't need a lot of make up. Noo I just didn't like make up that much. I then quickly got dressed in a nirvana shirt and a black ripped skinny jeans, with some black vans. I didn't feel like dressing up today. Then I quickly grabbed something to eat, I also grabbed my bag and went to school. O right I forgot to introduce myself my name is Ruby Campbell, i don't have any brothers or sisters. My mom and my dad got divorced and I never knew my dad. and my mom works all the time so I don't see her a lot. I don't have any friends basically lm a loner. I probably never had real friends I mean all the "friends" I had used me. So I never had good experience with that......



Hiii hope you like the story so far ;). Sorry for the short chapter btw. And I don't know if you could tell or not but my English isn't that good so I would love some feedback on that. Annddd I just hope you like the story ~ ruby

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