The Boy Who Cried Messiah

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  • Published: 16 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 16 Nov 2014
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If you get the joke post the comment.


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The Boy Who Cried Messiah
 I was so deep in her.
 “Oh Jesus Christ! Oh God!”
 She was so warm around me. She held me so well.
 “Oh my fucking God!”
 Then the phone rang. What the hell? I pulled out and answered it. The girl turned over and sighed in protest.
 “Yes,” I answered.
 “You called?”
 “Um,” I was super distracted and super horny, “I don’t understand.”
 “You called me buddy. You called and I answered.”
 “What the hell are you talking about?” Who the hell was this guy?
 “Baby just hang up!” She was getting anxious and I was tired of waiting.
 “Bye freak,” I said and hung up. I crawled back in bed and started fucking her again.
 “Oh God yes!” The phone rang again.
 “What the hell?” and I went to answer the phone again.

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