Unspoken [l.t.]

This is a story about Louis Tomlinson he is the popular one at school and Calie (the narrater most of the time) is well not so popular... "Hi i'm Calie... You know how in movies the guy and the girl fall in love and call it true love and blah.. blah.. blah... They live happily ever after and the end. We girls fantasize of that happening but we all know its not true."




Hey guys so im not very good at writing and if this book ever gets 1M reads i will be in shock. I just thought i would say sorry for the short chapter. It is Halloween so here is a trick or treating joke.

Knock knock

Who's there?


Phillip who?

Phillip my bag with candy.

I will have a few more author notes here and there but not every chapter. Don't be afraid to comment what you like about the book maybe even some things you don't like. if you have questions for me my twitter and Instagram will be below. It is better for you to contact me on twitter because I am on there the most. I know this is kind of long but oh well. One last thing I have school and usually a lot of homework so im sorry if I dont update as often. Thanks and enjoy the book! :)

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Instagram || basorexialouis

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