Unspoken [l.t.]

This is a story about Louis Tomlinson he is the popular one at school and Calie (the narrater most of the time) is well not so popular... "Hi i'm Calie... You know how in movies the guy and the girl fall in love and call it true love and blah.. blah.. blah... They live happily ever after and the end. We girls fantasize of that happening but we all know its not true."


9. Chapter 5

It's November 14 and my mom died this morning in the ER room because of her lungs. All I've done today is cry and now I'm missing a week of school so I have some time to recover but I can't believe it because it all just happened so fast also cancer is the worst way to die.

I really wish I could have said goodbye I know it would have made it harder for her to let go but she was in pain an I didn't want her to suffer because of me or my dad.

I keep getting texts from David and Melissa asking if I'm OK or if they can do anything to help but I turn them down because I just need time alone to process this.

I just wish she didn't die like this I wish it would have been more peaceful and not a bunch of people in a hospital running around trying to save her I wish it would have been in her sleep otherwise just not died at all.


"Where is Calie at?"

"Didn't you hear, Louis, her mom passed away this morning and she won't be here for the rest of the week", says Melissa

"What? Her mom died?"

"Yeah. I thought you would have heard by now. I mean the whole school knows. There even passing around a card for everyone to sign saying 'sorry for your loss'."

"Hmm I guess I just didn't pay attention because I thought she was sick. But I didn't know her mom died! I can't imagine what she's going through! It must me tough! I feel sorry for her!"

"Me too. Well see you later Louis!"


~~ 1 week later ~~

"Hey! You're back! Oh! Here the whole school signed it. I'm truly sorry Calie I can't imagine what your going through!" says Melissa

"Thanks but can we please not talk about it? I'm not feeling up to it."

"Oh, OK. Sorry. Well see you at lunch Calie love you like a sister!"

"Lylas to you too!"


Hey sorry for yet another short chapter thanks for all the views and sorry for any spelling errors! It was really hard for me to write this one because i actually have a grandpa that died of brain cancer when I was 4 and he was like my best friend. But this chapter is dedicated to my grandpa that passed away on 11-16-04 and also to Talia... R.I.P. -Katy

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