Unspoken [l.t.]

This is a story about Louis Tomlinson he is the popular one at school and Calie (the narrater most of the time) is well not so popular... "Hi i'm Calie... You know how in movies the guy and the girl fall in love and call it true love and blah.. blah.. blah... They live happily ever after and the end. We girls fantasize of that happening but we all know its not true."


7. Chapter 4

~ 1 week before school started ~

"Hello? Is anyone home?" No replies.

Well I guess I'm home alone. I head upstairs to my room to take everything out of my shopping bags and wash my back to school clothes. School starts in a week and I still need new vans. After reminding myself to get new vans I head downstairs to make myself supper since I didn't eat at the mall and no one is home. As I open the refrigerator I notice a note stuck to it it says, "We went out on a date night but there is some Mac&cheese in the cupboards we will be back by 11! We love you sweetheart! p.s. don't forget to feed buster and Simba" Buster is our 4 year old male dog and Simba is our 13 almost 14 year old female cat. I go to feed them both and let buster to play in the back yard and I sit down on the porch to watch him. It's so nice out today that I have seen at least ten walkers and five of them were jogging or power walking. I love summer it's always so nice and peaceful sometimes i will sit outside and listen to the birds chirping and take it all in. I stop day dreaming and realized that the sun is going down so i call for buster and go inside. Buster is worn out so he gets a drink and then goes to sleep. I decide to stay downstairs so I search for the remote and watch some t.v. I realised i didn't even eat yet so i cook some Mac&cheese and then go back to watching teen nick when suddenly my phone goes off I look to see who it is and as soon as i see D-a-d i answer immediately. My mom has breathing problems due to cancer and sometimes her lungs will screw up at random times and its just a giant mess so we have to take her to the hospital if that happens. My dad has a prosthetic leg also due to cancer from when he was 18-19. I like to think that they are Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters from 'The Fault In Our Stars' but i know they aren't since 1. it was a movie and 2. Augustus dies in the end so they can't be. But I hang up the phone shut the t.v. off grab my jacket and rush out the door. I get into the ER waiting room and see my dad.

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, the doctors said she will be fine but she needs some rest."

"Oh thank goodness! So when can she come back home?"

"Well they want to keep her here overnight in case it happens again"

"Oh" I say

"They're getting ready to move her to a room" he says, "we can visit her then"

Five minutes later they come out to take her to her room and she is awake.

"Hi mom"

"Hi sweetheart"

"You okay?"

"Yeah, did you eat?"

"Yep I ate Mac&cheese. What did you guys have?"

"We ate at Olive garden"

"Oh i love Olive garden!"

~ The next day ~

"Hi mom ready to go home?"

"Yes! I hate it here!"

"Hahaha let's go home then"

Authors Note:

Hello i just thought i would update and so i did I'm sorry for any spelling errors i might have made and also you will see how this flashback will play into the next chapter bye ily!

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