Unspoken [l.t.]

This is a story about Louis Tomlinson he is the popular one at school and Calie (the narrater most of the time) is well not so popular... "Hi i'm Calie... You know how in movies the guy and the girl fall in love and call it true love and blah.. blah.. blah... They live happily ever after and the end. We girls fantasize of that happening but we all know its not true."


5. Chapter 2

Louis' P.O.V.

Wow she is so beautiful! She is a little shy but its cute on her. She probably thinks im a player because my lads and I are "popular" but we honestly don't consider our selves as popular we think of our selves as normal. But anyways back to her. Her eyes are a dark brown and her hair is a dirty blonde with pink ends. Wow is literally all I can say right now. She's just gorgeous! How can you not stare at her? She is also a little sassy but that's ok at least she can stand up for herself. Besides if she wasn't sassy she would just be boring. And no I don't only like her for her looks I also obviously like her for her personality too. I hope she doesn't think im a creep. I usually can just go up to girls and ask them out but she is different she is unique and not a prep. She is herself. I don't know why it's so hard for me to ask her out. I think... I think I love her.

Calie's P.O.V.

To be completely honest i wish he would ask me out but he is probably to glam to give a damn about me. But I like him i really do. He is different than the other popular people he isn't snobby and he doesn't make fun of me he is sweet around me he and his friends are sweet around me.

Like the other day a prep ran into me and knocked everything out of my hands and said "watch where your going slut!" and he came in and said "leave her alone Emma!" And Emma just said "louis! hi babe!" "Emma, go away and if anyone here is a slut its you" said louis. "whatever, see you later babe" and after she finally left he turned to me and asked if i was ok so I was stupid and acted like a bitch and said "I can stand up for myself you know and yes im fine" that was the last and first time we have ever talked.

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