MUTE // ѕнιzaya

mute//: | myōōt |, refraining from speech or temporarily speechless


1. I Z A Y A

  Shizu-chan...  I really wish you loved me as much as I do. But, I see you with her... it makes me feel...pain and jealousy.   I've never felt this all. It feels terrible and I want it to go away.  You holding hands with her, occasionally giving her kisses on the cheek. Sometimes I'd say "Hi" but you always get pulled away from me by that woman of yours when you try to respond.     I'm sick of her, getting in the way of our friendship. No...I don't want us to be just friends. But I can't just tell you that or else it'll just ruins us.     I give you fake smiles every time I see you both together. Keeping quiet or muted to say something that will never be accepted.    Tch...Two men...together. I still love you though. Even if it isn't accepted I just want to be yours. That's all I ask for. And for that woman to disappear...   {A/N: Well that's what I wrote so far but it'll get better ^^' for some reason the cover won't upload on the app and I use my phone..}    
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