“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” - Mark Twain


2. Chapter 1

"Alright, let's clean up, and we'll be done for the day."
I nodded, smiling, satisfied with my effort today.

I wiped the counter and washed the remaining dishes. 
After I was done cleaning, I made my way to the back of the cafe. I tidied myself up, and was about to make my way back home. But I was stopped by Dan.

"I need to talk to you." He smiled.
I responded with a little nod.
Before he continued, he fiddled with his fingers. "Um, well, starting next week, I'll be a bit busy. I'll probably be here more infrequently, but I still want to get this cafe up and running. And, um- you probably know where I'm going with this."
I widened my eyes, "You mean- you want me to run this cafe for a while?"
I hesitated, why me?
"You don't have to give an answer tonight, but it'll be pretty amazing if you could accept it though."

Just as I was about to reply, his phone went off.
He seemed pretty surprised with the call himself too.

After a few minutes, he dropped the call.
"Oh, I have to go now. But I expect a positive answer soon. No rush, alright?"
As he was about to leave, I spoke up.

"I'll do it."
His lips produced a genuine smile, "Great! You can get the keys tomorrow morning, alright?"
I nodded, getting an expression of gratitude from the mid-20s man in return.

After he vacated, I was left all alone at the back of the cafe.
I grabbed my bag and locked the back door of the cafe in the process before walking home, which was a 10-minute walk away from the cafe.

As soon as I reached my home, I was careful not to disturb Emma, who was probably asleep by now.
I dropped myself on my bed after locking the door behind me.
What a day.

I took out my phone from my bag, checking out if I received any messages.
I chuckled, guess not huh?
My phone rang as I was about to get up to change.
The ID displayed Dan's name.
Dan, again?

I picked it up, "Hello?"
"Ah, Emily!"
"What's up?"
"Before you go to the cafe tomorrow, could you drop by for a while?"
I paused. Drop by?
I heard a laugh from the other line. "Gosh I must have crept you out. It's just that I can't go to the cafe tomorrow. Car got towed!"
"Towed? What happened?"
"I parked my car illegally this morning, had to walk back home."
I replied, "So do you want me to pick you up? I usually walk to the cafe, but I can drive to your house."
"No no, I'm suggesting that you could get the keys for the cafe." He ended the sentence with the tone of a question.
"You're not going to the cafe?"
There was a pause before he soon replied, "I want to take a personal day. It won't hurt to let you run the cafe tomorrow, would it?"
"Oh. Alright, no problem then."
He thanked me before ending the call.

I dropped my phone to my side as I laid down flat on the bed.
So basically, my boss wants me to go to his house, get the keys, go back to the cafe and run it by myself?

Good grief.


After getting ready for the day, I walked out the door to feel a slight morning breeze. Dan's house was a few blocks away from mine.

As soon I reached Dan's, I knocked on his door. He didn't respond even after waiting for a few minutes.
I knocked on the door, expecting an answer real soon.
After not getting a respond even after I practically slammed on the door, I decided to call him.
Finally, after a few rings, he picked up the call.
"Hello?" I heard a groggy voice through the speaker.
I chuckled. "Wake up, I'm at your front door."
I heard his voice jerked. "Already? Damn. Give me a minute."

I dropped the call, looking around.
It was really cold this morning.

The door fluttered open, revealing an untidy Dan.
Looking at him like this, he really looked like an ordinary 26 year old man, who did not own a cafe. He was, in fact, just an ordinary man.

"You okay?" He snapped me out.
"Here are the keys. Make a good use out of it."
"Um, yeah, I will." I responded, still amazed.
He laughed. "What are you so intrigued about? Yes, I am, just a normal guy, who sleeps late, wakes up late, has a childish side. You're freaked out, aren't you?"
"Um, a bit."
"Alright then, go ahead and open up the cafe. I'm pretty sure all of them are waiting in the cold. Wouldn't want to keep them waiting, would you?" He said, referring to the other cafe staff.
I nodded, taking my leave.

I walked away, laughed at my response to his appearance.

As soon as I arrived at the cafe, everyone had their eyes on me.
I was late for a bit, and they were staring. Goodness.
I unlocked the back door, and I could hear everyone questioning me in silence.
Yes, usually it was Dan who unlocks the door, since he has the key. God.

After everyone was prepared to work for the day, we opened the cafe and it started to fill with customers.

But one particular person stood out the most.
He looked familiar as hell. He approached the counter to order.
"Caramel cookie latte, please." He ordered, with a deep voice.
I recognize his voice. From where?
"Um okay. That'll be-"
Before I could continue, he placed a five dollar bill on the counter.
"Keep the change."
I thanked him, before writing down his order.
"You're welcome, Rosie. I mean- um, Emily. Sorry." 
He took of his sunglasses, reading my name tag. And I swear that surprised me.
Those eyes.
That smile.
That smirk.

And what surprised me the most, that name.

How the hell did he know my previous name?


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