1. Introduction


I was just sitting at home when all of a sudden my phone buzzes. Who is it? You might ask. It was Niall. Texting everyone in our school that there was a party. I don't know how he got my number, he is the most popular person in the school! Yet he has MY number. But I wouldn't complain because he is hot! Wait what did I jut say!? Stop thinking like that Leah. He is rude to you and you be rude back. Let me tell you about myself. I have dark brown hair that is almost black, I have medium length hair, tan skin, brown eyes, dad died, my mom lives in somewhere in Canada and I live with my friend that works at my job with me. Yeah she was like 20, but I am 17, not a big age difference. 7 000 000 000+ people in the world, I'm not going to like like my hole school ruin it. I was going to TRY at least. I didn't know what they could do to me, but boy am I scared to find out.

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