I've Got Your Back.

You have to survive this apocalypse, even if it means leaving everything you love and know behind. Getting close to anyone is a mistake. Well, that is until you meet Rick Grimes.


1. Meeting

Chapter One:

"I'm so sorry. Oh god, Tom... I'm so sorry. Help! Someone... Please!" Your voice was hoarse and barely recognisable as your own as you screamed out in pain. "Y/N, you gotta shoot me. You gotta. Don't let me become one of 'em. I'm begging you." Tom's eyes met yours for the last time, his hand slowly slipping out of your grasp. Raising your gun in a shaky hand, you tried to get a hold of yourself, knowing your screaming would have attracted more walkers and that you had to get out of here, fast.
"I'm so sorry Tom. T- this is all my fault..." You whisper, placing a light kiss to his cold forehead before standing up, putting your gun back into its holster. You couldn't shoot him, you just couldn't do it... He had been your closest friend since elementary school, like family. Tom had left you alone in this hell hole, with no one there to watch your back.

"Ma'am!?" A deep southern drawl jolted you out of your grief and you quickly turned to face where the voice as coming from. "You have to get outta here, there's no way we can take on all these walkers!" 
"Shit." You muttered under your breath, brushing a stray tear from your cheek as you nodded towards the man, running as quietly as you could to his side. 
"What's your name?" His intense blue eyes bored into yours, they made you feel a little uneasy but perhaps that was because he was a complete stranger, and you knew better than to trust someone you had only just met.
"Nice to meet ya Y/N. I'm Rick. Now let's get moving."

You and Rick had been running for a good half hour, your heart in your mouth the whole time. All you could think about was the moment a walker had grabbed Tom, the sounds of his shouts of pain echoing through your mind. Rick seemed to notice your discomfort, as you both reached the forest clearing he reached out and lightly touched your shoulder. "Y'alright there?" His tone was warm and soft, for that you were grateful. 
"I'm just thinkin' about someone. H- he should still be here, but because of my stupid decisions he's gone. Gone forever and I don't think I can live with that... I don't..." A crack of emotion in your voice made Rick's face drop with sympathy as he shuffled close to you, knowing exactly the mental turmoil you were going through. A welcome arm snaked around your shoulder, Rick pulled you into his side, and all you could do was melt into him, letting a steady stream of tears slide down your cheeks. 
From that moment you knew things were not going to be the same again.

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