I'm back for good

A story about Becca hope a ordinary girl who love a ordinary boy or so she thinks


2. it's luke

Luke's pov: "hi my names Luke Hemmings" I say holdin out my hand suddenly I am embraced in a hug she was hugging me but I don't even know her she finally let's go and I get to have a good look at her face it can't be the boy were right for once but they were right there stood "Becca!" I half shout hugging her tightly I want to ask why she left and why she is back but not here


Becca's pov:

Luke walks me to my new flat "Luke you can come in if you want" I say hoping he does and well he does I sit on the couch knowing I have to tell him so as he sits down I turn to hi "look I know I have a lot to explain like why I left and why I am back now an I will explain" luke nods his head showing me he is listening.


Luke's pov:

Tears are in her eyes as she explains to me why she left " so you see Luke I had to leave because of him I came back because I was told he is prison and he escaped yesterday and he said he would get me if he got out of prison and he nearly did if if you weren't there luke and he will come back" tears stream down her face I hug her tightly and tell her "he won't hurt you I promise".


Luke's pov: shortly after she fell asleep in my arm I pick her up and put her in bed as I tuck her in she stirs "Luke don't leave me please" "I won't I promise I just have to phone my Mum to tell her I won't be coming home tonight ok" she nods as I kiss her head


Ash's pov:

*buzzz buzzzz buzzzz* "ugghhh" I moan as I pick up the phone and se it is Luke "what man I was sleeping" I moan at him "sorry mate but it is important" he sounded excited I sit up "what is it?" "becca's back she move back man I found her in the high street ...." "Whooo slow down mate so you found who in the high street" "I found Becca ash Becca's back" "she's back omg no way" I completely forgot she was coming today "yh but she didn't have a good encounter when she got back" "why what happened" "you know who dan is right" "yeah I do why" "he attacked her today he escaped from prison but I was close and stopped it an knocked him out cold" " OMG is she ok?!?!" " she's fine ash she just wants me to stay with her so I need to go mate see you tomorrow" "yeah see you tomorrow" he hangs up omg how could I forget she was coming to day, dans escaped from prison how? We need to protect her from him.

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