I'm back for good

A story about Becca hope a ordinary girl who love a ordinary boy or so she thinks


1. is good to be back

Authors notes: hi guy this is my first book so please don't judge.

Becca's pov:

It feels so good to be back. I can't wait to see every one again especially Luke and the boys I miss them so much, I hope to pick off where we started. They don't know I am here yet I wanted to surprise them. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself I am Rebecca Hope, becca for short I am 18 years old, I sing and play the guitar but can't do anything special an I used to be best friends with Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and finally Luke Hemmings.

Luke's pov: it's been 4 yrs today since Becca left I miss her so much, she was my best friend she ment everything to me and she had to leave. "Hey man it's you will see her again" ash said trying to cheer me up "your mate she'll come back or something you will see each other again no doubt" calum said with a face full of crisps "cheers cal cheers ash but I don't know I mean it's been 4 years now" I say getting up and leaving ash's house.

Ash's pov:

"What should we do" cal asked "nothing cal because don't tell anyone but Becca comes home today" "WHAT WHY DIDINT YOU TELL US!!!" "Because she asked me to keep it a secret " it was hard to keep it a secret but I promised so I did we miss her especially Luke because Luke loves her.

becca's pov:

I was walking down the dark high streets with memories in every shop when suddenly I was grabbed a pulled into a darker alleyway. All of a sudden I feel warm breath on my neck "do you remember me Becca?" No it can't it can't be "D-dan....." "That's right to escaped prison and now you are going to pay for it" I try to push him of but he is to strong he tightens his grip making me yelp with pain, he starts tugging at my jeans "no Dan HELP SOMEONE HELP"

Luke's pov:

I was walking down the dark high street kicking a rock just thinking about Becca when my thoughts are pierced by someone screaming "HELP SOMEONE HELP" I ran to where the screams were coming from I get to a alleyway and see two silhouettes one struggling and one chuckling I get closer and say "leave her alone".

Becca's pov :

"Leave here alone" I stop struggling a tall figure stood behind dan "or what" dan replied "or this" the figures fist swung out hitting dan square in the face knocking him cold out "are you ok?" The tall figure says and he helps me up "yeah I will be ok" I say as I brush the dirt of my clothes why does that voice sound familiar he holds his hand out "hi I am Luke Hemmings" OMG that's why it's Luke I hug him so tight I think I might of hurt him.

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