You Had Me At Nice Shirt...

There is this girl named Jade and she has the chance to meet her dream band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! She had a brief encounter with Ashton at the airport, and they exchanged number and started to text back and forth and become close friends. The biggest day for here life is just around the corner! Having Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael all to her self! What exciting things will the do?


5. Waking Up.


I Woke up 8:30 so I could start to get ready early so I wasn't late? I got in the shower, dried my hair, brushed my hair, did my make up, got dressed in something cute, and went to Instagram and Twitter to say "Hanging out with the guys today!" And then I put there username. Ever since they have followed my social networking I have gotten so many followers! I went from 653 to 10,853! WOW!!!


I was so excited! I barley got any sleep! When I got up it was 9:00. I took a shower, dried my hair, put on my favorite shirt and jeans, did my make up, then curled my hair. When I was done it was 9:40 and I was thinking of Calum.


I woke up around 9:45 I think and went to go get some water and I saw Ash just sitting in the lounge. He was already to go. He looked a little nervous. After he hurried out of the lounge last night he seemed different! I went down and sat by him. ''You seem nervous! Why?'' I asked. ''Umm... Well I don't know?...'' he replied. ''Ash! Just tell me! I know you are!'' I teased. '' Fine after the FaceTime I got a texted from Jade saying that she could call me later so that we needed to talk. When she called me we were all down here and so I made an excuse and ran up stairs. When I answered she sounded a little uneasy so I asked if she was ok and she said yes and I was wondering if you wanted to sneak away at the secret place, and I'm like ok and- I cut him off in mid sentence. ''Ash calm down! God! Wait... You like Jade!'' I said starting to laugh. He blushed. ''Stop it'' He giggled. ''I don't want them to know and you can't tell Jade I told  you!'' he continued. '' I promise I wont  bring it up and I wont tell the others'' I said. I thought it was funny that I knew that they liked each other!


I can't believe that I just told Cal that! That will so come back and bite me in the ass in the future !

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