You Had Me At Nice Shirt...

There is this girl named Jade and she has the chance to meet her dream band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! She had a brief encounter with Ashton at the airport, and they exchanged number and started to text back and forth and become close friends. The biggest day for here life is just around the corner! Having Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael all to her self! What exciting things will the do?


7. Secret Places.


On the way to the secret writing place Calum made the mistake of telling all of us that he likes Marissa. He said he told us to see what we thought about her. Most of us said she was cool and we liked her. When we got there Jade must of put her hair up. She looked a lot more prettier. I went up to her and whispers in her ear. I asked her if she was ready to go in our little adventure, and she said yes. I told her to close her eyes. She blushed, at that point I could see that she liked me, I never felt happier. As I took her hand to lead her, Luke saw me and said "oh.. I see what's happening, get it Ash." Jade then opens her eyes and says " Oh My God!", and starts to crack up. As she laughs I notice she does this cute little snort. That's when I realized she really gets into my skin.


I swear I never had laughed so hard in my life. Some times Luke really cracks me up. I noticed when Luke said things, Ashton started to blush like really blush. I like it when he blushes. Oh my god he is so hot. I still wonder where he is taking me.


As I took Marissa's hand I saw that she started to cry a little, we were already out of the room. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I am really sorry I am just going through a lot." I said "it is okay, everyone has rough times. If you don't mind me asking though, what is this about, is it me?" She says "No! You're amazing." I started to blush even though it wasn't really the time to. She said that it was about her mom. She said that her mom is just making her go through a lot of things cause she moved to her dads. I told her that I totally understood. When I asked her if it was me I kinda was scared that she would say yes, I was so happy when she said no. I could tell that I made her feel a little bit happier, that made me feel good.


As Calum took my hand and we left the cabin, I started to cry a little. I was hoping he didn't see me but of course he did! He asked "What's wrong?" I said " nothing, it's about my mom." He said " Are you sure it's not me!?" I said " Yes, you're amazing it would never be you." He said " Oh. my.gosh! you think I am amazing?" Yes... Um is that okay!? He said "Yes! I think you are sure amazing." He blushed. I said " I really like you, thank you for making my night." He said "I really like you too! I mean like, like." Oh. My. Gosh. I was thinking, he likes me, he really likes me!! I felt my self blush. I can't believe that. I said " are you sure?! Your not kidding right?!" He said " yes! I am positive... I have liked you since the day I saw you, when Jade showed me the picture of you, I new that I would like you, like really like everything about you." I couldn't move, breath, or think. I was so happy. I could not believe what I just heard. I said "I, I, I like you too! I have never had a guy as amazing as you to like me..." He started to blush. I could see that he liked me in his eyes... That night at the waterfall, I will never forget it!!

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