You Had Me At Nice Shirt...

There is this girl named Jade and she has the chance to meet her dream band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! She had a brief encounter with Ashton at the airport, and they exchanged number and started to text back and forth and become close friends. The biggest day for here life is just around the corner! Having Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael all to her self! What exciting things will the do?


6. Brunch.


We all got there right on time. I was surprised cause I thought that they would be late. I made Marissa and Calum sit next to each other, and I tried my hardest to sit by Ash. Luckily Luke and Michael sat next to each other. So there was an open seat next to Ashton. I secretly thought In my head "Oh thank heavens!!"

Ashton's P.O.V

I was just sitting there by myself while Jade was trying to find out who to sit by. I was thinking " Come on Jade please for the love of God, SIT BY ME!!" As Jade sat down by me, Luke was on the other side of the table quoting mean girls " You can't sit with us!" I got a little defensive and said "Luke shut up! She can sit here if she wants," even though I knew he was playing with her. She just sat there and blushed. She wasn't looking at me.


I was so happy that Jade made Marissa sit by me. I felt my self blushing a little. Marissa told Jade with the hottest grin that I have ever seen "Well what if he doesn't want me to sit by him..." I just started to laugh and say " No, Marissa I don't care! I was kinda hoping you would sit by me..." Marissa just started to blush, then she sat down and said thank you.


As I quoted my favorite part of mean girls I was listing to Ashton stand up for Jade. I could clearly See that he likes her, and It was kinda obvious that she likes him too, because of last night as all they did was stare Stare at each other.


My heart literally stopped when Calum said he wanted me to sit by him. I was thinking to myself, maybe he likes me. Then I said no someone like that would NEVER like me!!


When I said that I wanted her to sit by me, I saw her blush. I was thinking to myself "She totally likes me." Than I said " Never mind a girl that pretty couldn't never like me."


After brunch we went to their secret writing place. Then and Ashton and I snuck away, he told me to close my eyes. As Ashton took my hand to lead me. I turned my head away one more time and saw Calum taking Marissa's Hand too. I was thinking to myself " I wonder where he is taking me.

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