You Had Me At Nice Shirt...

There is this girl named Jade and she has the chance to meet her dream band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! She had a brief encounter with Ashton at the airport, and they exchanged number and started to text back and forth and become close friends. The biggest day for here life is just around the corner! Having Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael all to her self! What exciting things will the do?


8. Author's Note!

Hello! My name is Jade! I would like to thank all the readers! Marissa ( co-writer/ character) and I have worked hard on writing this! I hope you like it! I know it might not seen like a lot but, we tried!


So I, Jade would like to give you some background knowledge! So hear we go!

I was the creator of this book/story. I wrote the first 4 or 5 chapters with maybe some editing for Marissa when she became a writer. She wrote most of 'Brunch' and all of 'Secret Places' with my editing. If we don't write a lot it's because we don't live close and we never just get to hang out and write. We have only had two write sessions together. One when she first became a write and on the bus to one of our games, but anyway it will most likely be me writing!

Anyways, give us ideas, and more characters!

Love you,

- Jade🌚❤️✌️❌

P.S Sorry if there are confusing part! Just tell me and I will clearly it up!!!!

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