You Had Me At Nice Shirt...

There is this girl named Jade and she has the chance to meet her dream band, 5 Seconds Of Summer! She had a brief encounter with Ashton at the airport, and they exchanged number and started to text back and forth and become close friends. The biggest day for here life is just around the corner! Having Ashton, Luke, Calum, and Michael all to her self! What exciting things will the do?


1. When We First Met.


"Wake up Jade! We have to go pick up grandma from the airport!" said Mom. "But I don't want to!" I said. I had better things to do, like...

1. Listen to music!

2. Draw

3. EAT!!!!!

So far those were the only things that I wanted to do at the moment. But I got up and put on my favorite 5 Seconds Of Summer t-shirt, then shorts, and vans. As mom and I arrived at the airport we were notified that grandma's flight was delayed about 45 minutes to and hour. So me made ourselves comfortable. After awhile I said '' I have to pee! I'll be back soon! When I was walking away from the bathroom, I heard a whisper in my ear! " Nice shirt!'' said an Australian voice. As I quickly turned around I was greeted by Ashton Irwin!!! '' Oh My God!'' said I. ''Sorry to scare you! but we couldn't help but noticing your shirt'' said Ashton while Calum, Luke, and Michael nodded their head. '' Thanks! You don't know how much I love you guys!!! Anyway, why are you guys here in Cincinnati, Ohio?" I said "Well we are here to do some acoustic shows and to do some writing! We have a secret writing place here in Cincinnati! Anyways, what's your name?'' said Calum. "Umm... Jade West!" I said still in shock. "Well we should hang out sometime! Maybe we could take you to our secret place and maybe you could help us write!'' said Michael while everyone shook the heads yes! ''We should exchange number!'' suggested Luke. They all exchanged numbers with me and went on their way. When I returned to mom, I was greeted with grandma. "Jade! What took you so long?'' said mom! " Was I really gone that long?'' I said. "Where were you?" Mom said. "You won't believe me mom but I just met 5 Seconds Of Summer!!!!!" I said. "What?! Are you sure?!" Said mom. "Yes! They gave me their numbers!" I said showing mom my phone. "Who is 500 hundred years of winter or what ever you said, Jade?" asked grandma. "You mean 5 Seconds Of Summer! They are only the best band ever!!!!!" I said.

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