Stranger In A Strange World

Rain is a modern girl from earth. Though it sounds strange the voices inside her head help her and keep her out of danger. Her stepfather is a cruel man who intends to beat the voices out of her head. Because of this she runs away and somehow finds herself in Skyrim. I hope you enjoy it .Imperials


1. Info Ch1

Name: Alexia Madison
Race: Human(Or Nord)
Age: 18
Guilds: Found by Cicero of The Dark Brotherhood
Weapons: None at first.
This is about a modern day earth girl who somehow falls onto Nirin when a portal is open. I hope you enjoy it

Before Quizilla was shut down i was asked to write a Skyrim based Story But Quizilla was shut down before i could put it up. So here you go if the person who requested it is on here.



Chapter One

Far From Home

Alexia was walking through the woods near her home. She was angry with her stepfather. He never treated her like a person only like dirt under his shoes. On occasion he would throw her to the floor and walk on her.

Her mother said nothing or did nothing. Why not protect her child, because she thought Alexia was crazy. She could hear voices in her head sometime when she answered she would try not to speak out loud. Because when she did she would get hit. Her real father had been missing since she was seven years old.

“Stop go right” said A voice in her head.

She didn’t have anything better to do so she did as the voice said. She walked for about ten minutes and then came a medieval looking castle.

“I remember this place” she said walking inside “Dad you did a good job before you disappeared it looks grate in here.”

She walked down a corridor and saw that the renovations were unfinished. The realization her father wasn’t coming back hit her a moment after. She looked around the castle. She looked through wardrobes and chest and found medieval looking clothes.

Some were still wearable. Her father had made sure washing them did no damage them. She decided to try some on. She went through some of the dresses but didn’t like any of them. As she went through each wardrobe she found a large trunk that wasn’t medieval it had something written on it. But she couldn’t make it out. She opened it and it was filled with all kinds of things.

There were several outfits and dresses. There was also what looked like different kinds armor.

“Cool” she said pulling out one of each.

She tried them all on. She went with a dark dress and a black cloak. There were boots that went with it. She looked into a mirror and pulled the hood up over her head. It made her look mysterious and a little menacing. It was warm wearing it, but she liked and decided to keep it on.

She found other things around the castle. She wanted to make herself look like she had come right out of a history book. One time she had seen a picture of a woman dressed similar to how she was dressed only she was carrying a knapsack over her shoulder and had other things in it. She found one and put extra cloths in it. She continued to go through the trunk and found a large bag of gold coins.

“Whoa dad” said Alexia counting them “Is this how you paid for everything?”

She put the coins inside the knapsack as well as a strange looking map. She found more gold coins at the bottom of the trunk as well as other papers she placed inside the knapsack. In the back near the lid she found different kinds of bottles. She shook one, there was liquid inside it. She put all of them inside of it.

She walked around the castle trying to remember where she had put her phone. She wanted to take a picture of herself dressed like that.

“Damn it” said Alexia hitting a dead end “Maybe this way.”

She opened a door and it led out to a balcony not the way she came. The view was amazing though so she stepped out on to it. She looked down at the concert below. She must have learned to far forward because the side gave in and she fell forward.

She fell all most a full story. But she didn't feel the hard concrete. Instead she felt snow cold wet snow. When she opened her eyes she was surrounded by it in an open area this defiantly wasn't the castle.

It was freezing out she seen people running not too far away a man almost hit her with a horse.

Men ran up to her weapons drawn. Alexia didn't move.

“I'm a little lost can you tell me where I am?” She asked.

“Quiet” said a man wearing armor that made him look important “Arrest her”

“For what” asked Alexia one of the men knocked her to the ground “I didn't do anything wrong.”

They tied her hands in front of her the rest of the men brought back more prisoners including the man who almost hit her with his horse one of them was gagged. There was another person there but he was still out as they placed him in the wagon.

“Move it” said a guard pushing her forward.

“There’s been some kind of mistake” said Alexia “I don’t even know where I am.”

“Then where are your papers” said the guard.

“In my bag” said Alexia.

She wasn’t sure what he was talking about but he looked through the bag and pulled out some papers. He looked through them thoroughly.

“I’m very sorry Miss Madison” said The guard untying her immediately “Please send your father my apologies.”

“My father” said Alexia “Do you know where he is? I’m very lost.”

“You’re in Skyrim” said the guard placing everything back into her bag and handing it to her.

“What are you doing” said a guard walking over to them “Why is this prisoner untied?”

“This is Alexia Madison, General Tullius” said the guard “It was a simple mistake. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Let me see those papers” said General Tullius taking the papers “I know him well and I never heard of a daughter. The papers look authentic. But I can’t be certain. She comes with us.”

“Yes sir” said the guard “you just need to follow behind us.”

“Ok” said Alexia.

She didn’t understand what was going on or where she was. Or that her father was there somewhere. What was going on?

She followed behind the wagons but she had been walking so long she wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep going. She had slowed down a lot.

“Keep up” said the guard that was following behind.

‘You try walking non-stop for almost three day’s’ thought Alexia giving him a dirty look.

She hoped they were almost there. In the distance she could see walls. She stopped and looked at a sign an arrow pointed down the path read Helgen. There was another path next to it.

The guard didn’t notice she had stopped. She wondered if they were just letting her tag along or if she was going to receive the same fate as the prisoners in the wagons.

This could be her only chance. She ran across the other path and into the trees. The guard finally noticed she was gone and sent another to get her. She watched as the guard looked around and then walked off.

She kept close to the road and hid behind trees and rocks as she headed towards the town. The gates to the town closed so she thought she was safe to sit down for a minute another path went to the right of the gates.

She sat down on a rock nearby. She heard something. It sounded like a roar she stood up looking around for a lion or something that would make the same sound. But she saw nothing. She heard it again as she was about to sit back down. Only this time she saw what came with it.

A black dragon was flying overhead and landed on one of the buildings inside the gates. There was a loud bang. The sky got dark and then flaming stones started to rain down from the sky.

“Oh my god” said Alexia watching the dragon breath fire. The ground shook every time it landed.

Even though she was tied she ran down the nearest path looking behind her to see if the dragon was following her. It wasn’t but after a few moments it flew overhead and away from the town. She stopped running for a moment.

If it wasn’t clear before it was now. She was very far from home.

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