Stranger In A Strange World

Rain is a modern girl from earth. Though it sounds strange the voices inside her head help her and keep her out of danger. Her stepfather is a cruel man who intends to beat the voices out of her head. Because of this she runs away and somehow finds herself in Skyrim. I hope you enjoy it .Imperials


1. Info

Name: Alexia Madison
Race: Human(Or Nord)
Age: 18
Guilds: Found by Cicero of The Dark Brotherhood
Weapons: None at first.
This is about a modern day earth girl who somehow falls onto Nirin when a portal is open. I hope you enjoy it

Before Quizilla was shut down i was asked to write a Skyrim based Story But Quizilla was shut down before i could put it up. So here you go if the person who requested it is on here.


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