YouTube Boarding School

When Marzia and best friend Kalel are offered scholarships tho YouTube Boarding School, they meet lots of famous people.
Set when they'e all 17


5. YouChoose

After discussing colour schemes with Kalel twice, and deciding that a summer dress would be too formal, we decided on a white skirt and a pink top with pink flats. I set off at 4:30, because YouChoose is a good walk away from dorm Vi.

There's 2 dorms you see. One called Vi, one called deo. (a/n. get it? Video.)
When I got there I was 5 minutes late, and I saw Felix scrolling through his messages anxiously. I felt bad for him, so I rushed in unnoticed and bought us a hot chocolate each.

I went to his table and pushed it to him. He looked up.

"Hey Marzia!" he smiled sweetly. "I'm gonna vlog some of this, is that okay?" he questioned, biting his lip.

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna film some for the Typical YouTube Holiday thing. So, let's start at the basic intro. What's your favourite colour?" I said.

"Um... blue. It reminds me of the Swedish flag." he said.

"Mine's either pink or white. They're really pretty." I said.

"I could tell!" he said, looking at my outfit.

"So, have you got a pet?" I asked

"I've got a pug called Edgar." he said, showing me a photo on his phone.

"I've got a pug too! She's called Puga or Pugachan." I said showing him my photo.

We obviously spoke more after that, but it was like that.

But now I'm wondering something...

Was that just 2 friends hanging out or...

a date?

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