YouTube Boarding School

When Marzia and best friend Kalel are offered scholarships tho YouTube Boarding School, they meet lots of famous people.
Set when they'e all 17


8. Texts

Message from Zoe,

Hi Marzia! I've just filmed a ton of footage for the holiday thing. It'll be great on the vid. So, wanna hang out 2morrow. Well, you have no choice, anyway cos I've booked 3 seats on the seaside coach from here to the beach. Does Kalel wanna come. If not Brittani can come.


To Zoe,

Hey Zo, 2morrow sounds great. It'll be good to get out, I've been here for nearly 2 weeks, and I've been stuck on YouTube campus for too long. I'm going insane! Yeah, Kalel can come, she feels the same. See ya soon.



Hey Marzia. Haha, I bet Kalel's bummed. Too bad huh.

Ian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To Ian,

Um, yeh she is. You seem kinda sarcastic...

From Ian,

Oh, no, of course not! I just felt bad for her... uh... bye?



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