YouTube Boarding School

When Marzia and best friend Kalel are offered scholarships tho YouTube Boarding School, they meet lots of famous people.
Set when they'e all 17


4. Meeting With Felix

I was looking at the comments of my new video when I heard a little ring. I had a new message. I went onto my messages and looked.

From Felix;

Hey Marzia. Umm... ugh, heres the greeting thing again! I hate this. Anyways, I wanted to know if you could meet me at YouChoose at 4:40pm? It's that Cafe and when you always walk by theres bubbles blowing out. I'm totally fine with you sayin no though. Bye, stay AMMAAAZZZZINNNGGGG!

Pewds xxx

I didn't have anything planned, as Kalel was stalking Anthony and Zoe was with Tyler Oakley, so I replied 3 minutes later. I didn't want to sound too desperate.

Sent to Felix;

Hi, pewds. Yeah, 4:40 will be fine. What's the dress code though? And what're  the prices? Bye Pewds, see ya!

Stay awesome!

Marzia xxx

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