YouTube Boarding School

When Marzia and best friend Kalel are offered scholarships tho YouTube Boarding School, they meet lots of famous people.
Set when they'e all 17


2. Meeting the others

Kalel and I were walking down the hall after unpacking when I bumped into someone. I looked at him, sprawled on the floor, and realised how handsome he was. He had brown hair, was wearing a beanie and black glasses, and was on his iPad.

"Um... sorry about that bro... um, I mean sis, I guess. I'm Felix or PewDiePie, but I prefer Pewds or, you know... Felix."

"OMG!" Kalel shrieked. "You're that Swedish guy, the most subbed to YouTuber! OMG, Marzia, pinch me NOOOWWWW!" She yelled.

"Sorry about my friend Kalel, she loves your videos." I giggled. "I'm Marzia. But you say Mar-tz-ia. I'm Italian, so I'm building up my English knowledge." I said, smiling.

"Um, yeah... sorry, I'm kind of an introvert, so this greeting stuff is hard." he grinned. He then checked his watch that had a cute Pikachu 1st edition on it. "Sorry, I've gotta go meet Ian and Anthony. We're planning a vlog. Um... what's your number. And what's fangirl's?"

"Oh, you mean Kalel? Hers is..." I don't wanna say for private reasons.

"Bye Marzia, bye Kalel!" he smiled and waved at me, winking.

Kalel had finished squealing, and started being normal again. Well, as normal as she has ever been. That's still pretty strange, like me.

"He was totally into you. He even wanted your number! True love!" she said, teasing me. But for some reason, I wished she was right.

"Wait, did he just say he was meeting Ian and Anthony? Wow, Ian and oh-so-hot Anthony Padilla! Smosh!" she carried on about Anthony all the way to the Lunch Hall.

"Um... Kalel, don't be too weird. Remember, people like Zoella, Shane Dawson and Bart Baker are gonna be in there. Don't start fangirling again."

I pushed the door open and- to my complete and utter surprise- she kept cool.

"Kalel, are you okay?" I asked, playing with my hair.

"Um, yeah. Inside I'm exploding, but I don't wanna embarrass myself too much on the first day.

"Haha, I get what you mean." I said.

After getting our lunch, we had to choose where to sit. We sat with Zoella, Brittani Louise Taylor and Alexis G. Zall. They all smiled at Kalel and I.

Kalel started hyperventilating, and they looked at her. Brittani laughed, before turning back to Alexis, planning a video.

Zoella turned to us, smiling.

"OMG! You're Kalel Cullen, and you're Marzia Bisognin!" She said, gasping.

She knew my name! Wow, I need to go and make a video.


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